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Native Aquatic Species of the Gila River Basin
in Arizona and New Mexico

Exotic Species Impact

This bibliography has been developed to bring together as much literature as possible on the impacts of nonnative species on the native fish in the southwestern United States. Some of the articles deal exclusively with non-native/native interactions while others merely mention exotic species in general. The focus is primarily on states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, although in some cases we have included literature of a more general nature or from other states (e.g. California, Washington). This is a work in progress, and we will be updating the bibliography on a periodic basis. If you are aware of an article that should be included, please feel free to email Rob Clarkson at the Bureau of Reclamation's Phoenix Area Office.

Nonnative Impacts to Native Populations Bibliography (.pdf - approx 47Kb)

Nonnative Species Impact

Last Reviewed:
August 30, 2010

Joseph J. Billerbeck - jbillerbeck@usbr.gov