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Regional Employment Opportunities with the Bureau of Reclamation

LC Region location mapThank you for your interest in employment with the Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency that manages, develops and protects the water resources of the American West.

Here in the Lower Colorado Region, we manage the last 688 miles of the the Colorado River within the United States and administer programs in parts of five states that contribute water to or draw water from the Colorado River including southern California; southern Nevada; the southwest corner of Utah; most of Arizona; and part of west-central New Mexico.

Our exciting job opportunities cover a wide range of specialties -- hydropower plant operators, administrative assistants, engineers, writers/editors, tour guides, hydraulic and civil engineers, information management specialists, biologists -- and more! From high school to graduate school, we also have student jobs that offer many benefits for participants - read on for more information...

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Office Locations

Our offices are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the Southwest. They include:

Near Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • The Regional Office - the headquarters for the entire Region
  • Lower Colorado Dams Office - manages and operates the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, and Hoover, Davis, and Parker Dams on the Colorado River (other office locations near Laughlin, Nevada, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona)

In Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona:

  • Phoenix Area Office - responsible for ensuring Reclamation-constructed projects, now operated by other entities - the Central Arizona Project, Salt River Project, and others - provide multiple benefits for Arizona's citizens, to help the state, its citizens and its Indian Tribes address water and related resource management needs.

In Yuma, Arizona:

In Temecula, California:

  • Southern California Area Office - responsible for water conservation, reclamation and reuse projects throughout southern California that enhance water management practices in metropolitan areas.

Student Opportunities

The Student Educational Employment Program (SEEP) enables students from high schools, vo-techs, colleges or graduate schools to be employed with Reclamation as they pursue their studies. The program offers many benefits for those employed under its criteria. The program has two components:

The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) provides maximum flexibility to both students and Reclamation. The nature of work does NOT have to be related to the student's academic/career goals. Students may be appointed not-to-exceed one year, and employment may be extended in one-year increments as long as the employee meets the definition of a student. Students are paid for the experience they gain on the job.

The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) offers students the opportunity to blend academic studies and Federal work experience into a planned progressive educational program. This gives student employees the opportunity to test career interests in jobs related to their pursued field of study. Students are paid for the experience they gain on the job.


All student (STEP/SCEP) employees must:

  • Meet minimum qualification requirements
  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a program of study leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate, in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, two- or four-year college or university, graduate or professional school
  • Be taking at least half-time course load as defined by the school
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen

For SCEP employees only

  • Be seeking a degree, diploma or certificate in the field you are working in


  • Flexible work schedules
  • Paid holidays, if holiday falls on scheduled day to work
  • Accrued vacation time and sick leave, pro-rated if working part-time
  • Tuition/book assistance, if approved
  • Health benefits, life insurance, and retirement (SCEP employees are eligible for these benefits immediately; STEP employees are eligible for health benefits only after one year of continued employment)
  • SCEP students may be eligible to convert to a permanent, full-time position upon completion of a degree and 640 hours of career-related work experience.
For more information on the Student Educational Employment Program,
contact Megan Castaneda at 702-293-8390.

How to Apply

All job vacancies are advertised on www.USAJobs.gov. To be considered for any position, including student opportunities, you must register and apply on-line. If you do not use the USAJobs Resume Builder, please ensure your resume contains the information provided in this "Recommended Resume Format".

Contact Us

Need more information about our opportunities or the application process? Come by our office on the corner of Nevada Highway and Park Street in Boulder City, Nevada, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) or contact us at:

Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado Regional Office
ATTN: LC-5000
PO Box 61470
Boulder City, NV 89006
phone: (877) 887-2980; TDD (877) 357-2202
OR contact
Faunta Finley,
email: ffinley@usbr.gov

The Bureau of Reclamation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Updated: January 2012