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Land Use and Trail Event Permits

The Bureau of Reclamation must comply with several federal requirements for public activities on its lands. The following information is provided to assist those who desire to conduct events or functions on the trails, roadways, buildings, lands or waters within the Hoover Dam security area.

The information below is provided under the authority of Act of Congress approved June 17, 1902 (32 Stat. 388), 43 USC 1740, Rules and Regulations on Public Lands; Section 10 of the Reclamation Project Act of 1939 (53 Stat. 1187)43 CFR 429 Title 43, Use of Bureau of Reclamation Land, Facilities, and Waterbodies - §429.3; and 43 CFR Part 423, Public Conduct on Bureau of Reclamation Facilities, Lands, and Waterbodies.


A permit is required for public events that take place on or around Hoover Dam on lands or waters managed by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Some events that need permits include, but are not limited to:

  • trail races (marathons, 5Ks, triathlons)
  • adventure races
  • any other commercial/advertised activities

In most instances, a permit issued for such events will require the permittee to pay all costs incurred by Reclamation involved with issuing the permit and for managing the activity (known as "permit fees").

The length of time for processing an application is approximately 60 days, but this may vary.


There is a non-refundable $100 application fee. When the permit is issued, the permittee will also be required to cover administrative costs relating to Reclamation personnel for access, security, or other administrative reasons. The application fee will be applied to these "permit fees".

How to Apply

Step 1: 
Fill out the Right-of-Use Application.

Step 2: 
Send the Application to:

Hoover Dam

Lower Colorado Dams Office

Attn: Special Events Coordinator

P.O. Box 60400

Boulder City , NV 89006

You can also fax your application to: Hoover Dam Special Events at (702) 494-2297; please include your credit card information.

With the Right-of-Use Application, provide a detailed proposal of the event, a safety plan for the activities, and any applicable mitigation plan(s). Be as specific as possible. Reclamation planners may have additional questions about the event; you are expected to respond to these information requests in a timely manner. In addition, please attach the proposed course outline that affects Reclamation's property with aid stations, Emergency Medical Services/Advanced Life Support, portapotties, turnarounds, etc. annotated directly on the map.

Step 3: 
If your request is approved, Reclamation staff will prepare a draft Memorandum of Agreement (permit) and estimated permit fees for the event. Please review this draft permit thoroughly, as some additional requirements may be added. (All permits contain stipulations to include, but are not limited to, crossing guards, EMS support, certificate of insurance, porta-potties, etc.) You may also be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance or evidence of bonding. Certain security concerns related to the dam, hydropower plant, or federal property may be cause for denial of the permit.

Step 4: 
If approved, you will receive the final permit back with the signature of the approving Bureau of Reclamation official. You must pay the permit fees within seven (7) calendar days prior to the event to the contact listed in the permit, or risk forfeiture of the permit.

During the event, you must have a copy of the approved permit with you at all times, as this serves as your official authorization for the use of Reclamation land.

For More Information

Contact Travis Grundy, Special Events Coordinator
Phone: 702-494-2521 | Fax: 702-494-2297 |

Last Updated: 10/5/16