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Hoover Dam Police Department

What to Do When Stopped by a Police Officer

image of police car with lights

There are many reasons why a Hoover Dam police officer may ask you to stop your vehicle. Whatever the reason, the officer needs your cooperation:

If you are stopped while driving, you may feel confused, anxious, or even angry. These are natural feelings, but remember, vehicle traffic stops can also be stressful and dangerous for the police officer as well. Also, quite often a second police officer may assist with a vehicle traffic stop; this is for the protection of the officers, not because you are a "criminal".

Statistics show each year a significant number of law enforcement officers are killed or seriously injured while conducting routine traffic stops.

With these facts in mind, there are several things you can do to lessen the uneasiness of the overall experience:

Remember, traffic stops are a very important law enforcement function, and help maintain safety for everyone. Careful consideration of these tips can provide a less stressful and safer experience for you, your vehicle occupants and our officers.

Hoover Dam Police badge  

Updated: July 2008