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Hoover Dam Police Department

Staying Refreshed -- Beating the Heat at Hoover Dam

If you or someone else is experiencing signs of heat stress,
dial 911 and/or 702-293-8998,
or contact the nearest Dam employee.

The temperature at Hoover Dam in the spring and summer months can easily reach over 100 degrees F! It's imperative you keep hydrated by consuming plenty of water. Remember, if you are thirsty, that is a sign of dehydration!

The best defense against heat-related injuries and illnesses is prevention.  Here are some tips:

girl drinking water

Doing too much on a hot day, and spending too much time in the sun can cause heat related illness. 

Remember, drink plenty of water regularly. 

The Hoover Dam Police Department hopes your visit is a safe and enjoyable one.  Have fun, but stay cool!!!!

Hoover Dam Police badge  

Updated: July 2008