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Lower Colorado Dams Office - This office has administrative control of Hoover Dam, Davis Dam and Parker Dam.

About Us - A brief description of who we are.

Tour Information - The information that you need to plan your trip. Here is where you will find a description of the tour, costs, directions and more.

Crossing Hoover Dam: A Guide for Motorist - Not all vehicles are allowed to cross the dam. Review this document to avoid being turned back. (Adobe Acrobat file - 73 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most asked questions.

Story of Hoover Dam - A series of articles that explain the history and some of the technical aspects of the dam. These articles offer a more in-depth explanation than the FAQ articles.

Essays - This group of essays that explains what Hoover Dam is, how it was built and its significance to the past, present and future.

  • Artwork - One of the highlights for many of the people who visit Hoover Dam each year is the artwork they find.
  • Cofferdams - Before the dam could be built the Colorado River had to be moved. This was accomplished with the aid of cofferdams.
  • Concrete - Hoover Dam is concrete; and without concrete, this dam could not have been built.
  • Fatalities - How many bodies are buried in Hoover Dam? This and other information is presented in this article.
  • High Scalers - Before construction could begin on the dam, loose rock had to be removed from the canyon walls. Special men were required for the job, men called "high-scalers."
  • Jet Flow Gate Test - A test of the jet flow gates was performed after their installation.
  • Spillways - The Spillways help to protect the dam, and make sure that water never goes over the top.
  • Tunnels - What do you do with the river when you want to build a dam? You divert it into tunnels.
  • Wages - A comparison chart of prevailing wages at the time of construction.
  • What is biggest? - What is the biggest dam? It depends on what you are measuring.
  • Workforce - A table showing the origins of the people who built

Articles from the Past - Many articles have been written about Hoover Dam. Here we will try to assemble a few of the better ones to give you not only technical data about the dam, but an appreciation of how people have been impressed with it throughout its history.

  • Chronology - A list of important events and dates in the history of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area.
  • The Grand Dam - Reproduction of an article written in 1995 by Julian Rhinehart, dealing with the art and beauty of Hoover Dam.
  • Dog on a Catwalk - This is an article that was written by an unknown Hoover Dam Guide many years ago.
  • Fortune Magazine - A September 1933 article on the progress of construction on the dam.
  • What's In A Name? - The story of how Hoover Dam got its name.
  • Herbert Hoover and the Colorado River - Information about Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States.
  • Sound Bytes - Short history articles produced by the local Public Radio Station.

Photograph Gallery - Historic and modern photographs of the dam.

Education Information - Learning Packet for use in the classroom. Also, information about scheduling a school group trip to Hoover Dam.

Foreign Language Information - Information for speakers of German or Spanish.

Paddle Craft and Rafting Tours - There is a site just below the Hoover Dam where paddle craft such as, canoes, kayaks or personal rafts can be launched for an enjoyable trip down the river.

Last Reviewed: 10/7/2004