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    Bureau of Reclamation Begins Low-Level Helicopter Research Flights Over Yuma Area

    Reclamation’s Yuma Area Office (YAO), in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, is announcing an upcoming research project involving low-level helicopter flights in the Yuma area. The helicopter will be towing a large hexagonal frame over the Yuma agricultural production areas and the Colorado River over the next few weeks to survey and capture groundwater imagery. The flights will begin the last week of August and continue for up to 3 weeks. Read More →
  • YAO student trainees’ work experience allows them to grow, shine

    “There was always something new to experience,” said Enrique Cervantes, describing his participation in an eight-week internship at the Yuma Area Office (YAO) that he and eight other students recently completed and during which they gained work experience and learned about YAO operations. Read More →
  • Donnarumma retires after more than four decades of service

    Donnarumma retires after more than four decades of service“Working and training with this group of people gave me a sense of belonging and I was proud to be a member of this team for 12 years.” With that sentiment in his heart, Hydroelectric Mechanic (HEM) Randy K. Donnarumma will end his nearly 44-year Federal career in late September, 23 years of which he has worked in the Lower Colorado Region. Read More →
  • DOI presents 2016 Federal Customer Service awards to Reclamation employees

    On July 4, Bev Nelson, chief of the Acquisition and Assistance Management Office (AAMO) and Acquisitions Group Manager Meagan Fyffe were among a group of 10 Acquisition and Assistance Leadership Team members to receive a Customer Service Award. Read More →
  • MAPS — Bird banding with Tab

    En route to a destination unknown to me, a recurring question that I have asked myself throughout the entirety of this year and this journey was, “How did I get myself into this and what sort of thrilling adventure lies ahead?” Honestly though, the excitement on my end was contained by the lack of sleep. Tab and I left the Phoenix Area Office at 2:30 a.m. and started our journey to a remote location past the town of Superior, Arizona. Read More →


Projects & Places

Recreation & Public Use

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Land Use

The public may apply to use Reclamation land, facilities, and waterbodies, and may engage in the use only after proper authorization is received from Reclamation. Use authorizations are not required for permitted public recreational use of recreation areas and facilities open to the public. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Recreation Website

Reclamation projects have created a variety of recreation opportunities on the rivers downstream from the dams, including world class whitewater rafting and fishing opportunities. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map helps you discover and book trips at Reclamation facilities and at all of America's public places. Read More →

Special Notice

The Lower Colorado Region's Statements of Project Construction Cost and Repayment (SPCCR) presenting the relationship between project cost and repayment are available upon request. Please contact Matt Stemmer at (702) 293-8223 or to obtain a copy of a project SPCCR.

Last Updated: 8/25/16