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Concrete and Concrete Repair for Water Resource Structures
International Hands-on Training
March 12-15, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA

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Introduction/Training Objectives -- Modern concrete is a very durable construction material and, if properly proportioned and placed, will provide very long service life under normal conditions.  Failure to provide proper maintenance may result in expensive repairs or replacement.  Many concrete dams throughout the world were constructed using early concrete technology and as such the concrete must be inspected regularly to ensure repairs and serviceability.  This 4-day course will focus on the newest concrete standards, techniques, and materials.  Ample time will be made available for hands-on exercises that will ensure each participant develops knowledge of how to apply the learning experience to problems encountered in the field.  A one-day site visit will be included.

This training will cover concrete construction methods to include quality evaluation of concrete aggregates, concrete materials testing, new construction practices, techniques for repairing existing concrete structures, causes of concrete damage, and methods to identify causes of damage. Participants will gain familiarity with materials used such as chemical and mineral admixtures and standard and non-standard repair materials.

Training is conducted by Reclamation’s Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory (MERL) technical specialists.  Staff are experts in concrete and concrete mixing technologies and cement testing.   Reclamation’s Materials Laboratory in Denver has had an international reputation for excellence in concrete technology for over 50 years. Reclamation has a complete concrete laboratory that includes aggregate processing and testing, cement testing, mixing room, fog room and environmental chambers, freezing and thawing equipment, sulfate attack, durability testing, chemistry, petrography, and many specialized test facilities. The concrete laboratory is complemented by complete structural testing capabilities including a 5,000,000 pound universal testing machine and vibration laboratory.

Reclamation is responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, and structural safety of more than 400 dams and distribution systems throughout the American west.  Reclamation has conducted similar training for its own staff, as well as for more than 5,000 technical and administrative officials from other domestic and international agencies.

Who Should Attend -- The training is designed for engineers, technicians, specification writers, technical project managers, and other staff associated with construction and repair of water resources structures.  All presentations, discussions, and printed materials will be in the English language.  Participants should have a good command of general and technical English usage.

Costs and Registration -- The registration fee is U.S. $2900 per person.  Fee includes various printed and electronic materials, lodging for 5 nights, and transportation during the training.  If applicable, it is recommended that individuals apply for visas and seek sponsorship as soon as possible.  Funding is not available from the training organizers.

Payment -- Checks should be in U.S. dollars and made payable to the Bureau of Reclamation.  Credit card payment, which is the preferred method of payment, and wire transfers/SWIFT are acceptable (see registration form).  Registration forms must be received by February 27, 2012.  Registration forms received after February 27, 2012, the cost increases to $3100.

Lodging and Transportation -- Hotel accommodations will be arranged by Reclamation for five nights from March 11 - 15, 2012.  The lodging cost is included in the registration fee and participants are expected to stay in the selected hotels.  Miscellaneous costs such as laundry, telephone/internet usage, etc. will be at the participant’s own expense.  International travel should be arranged into Denver, Colorado, no later than March 11 and out of Denver, Colorado, no sooner than March 16.  The training will conclude at 5:00 p.m. on March 15.

Climate/Clothing Suggestions/Medical Insurance -- Participants should expect cool weather.  A coat/jacket will be necessary.  Casual clothing and work boots/sturdy closed-toed shoes are required. Accidental injury/medical emergency insurance is strongly recommended and should be purchased prior to arrival in the United States.  Reclamation is not financially responsible for any illnesses or injuries that may be incurred by participants.  Please refer to the following website for reference.  http://www.medexassist.com/Individuals/Products/travmedchoice.aspx

Further Information -- A confirmation letter will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of the registration form and payment.  For additional information, contact International Affairs - Denver, Bureau of Reclamation, P.O. Box 25007, Denver, Colorado 80225, telephone 1-303-445-2127, fax 1-303-445-6322, e-mail inquiries to Lprincipe@usbr.gov  (Leanna Principe) or Amedina@usbr.gov (Angela Medina) or visit our website at www.usbr.gov/international.  

NOTE:   If you are attending “Corrosion and Protective Coatings Training” from March 6–9, the lodging cost of $300 for the nights of March 10 and 11 will be added to your registration fee.  Total registration fee for both courses, including weekend lodging, is $6100.



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