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Written Comments from the Wauneta and McCook Open Houses

The following consists of written comments that were turned in at the Bureau of Reclamation's Informational Open Houses held in Wauneta, Ne (8/22/00) and McCook, Ne (8/23/00). The majority of them were written on comment cards.

We thank everyone who attended these open houses for their ideas and these comments which will play an important part in the development of the future Resource Management Plans for the four Southwestern Reservoirs: Enders, Swanson, Medicine Creek and Red Willow.

Sure give the Bureau credit for one thing - they know how to manage a meeting!!"

"People from the Bureau of Reclamation and Game and Parks Commission, do you hunt? Are you 72 years old? I am 72 years old and like to hunt but I can't do a lot of walking. By closing the West end of Enders Lake, you have limited my hunting there.

"I believe your wages are paid by the people of the state. I believe in a democracy. The people in charge should talk to the people they represent before they make changes. You are making the changes first, and now you want to talk about it.

"Who manages the grazing around the lake. It should be someone who has the experience and knowledge to do it the right way. Pasture light in spring and, if it rains during summer, then pasture it light in fall.

"You say you want to improve the habitat on the West end of Enders Lake. The turkey hunting last spring was very poor. It did not improve hunting last spring.

"I would like to see 1 mile of road on the South side of the Frenchman River between the no. 2 parking area and the no. 4 parking area, West end."

"Gov't (should) redo the project purposes at Enders, or introduce legislation."

At Swanson Reservoir:

"Trail 6 needs opened. Trail 8 needs opened. Trail 9 needs opened. Trail 10 is O.K. Trail 11 West needs opened, but trail 11 East needs closed on end. West end of trail 12 needs opened. Macklin campground needs fence on South side." Five trails between the shop and trail 13 need to be opened.

"Thank you! It was nice to be able to comment for the next long range plan."

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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