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These comments are from a letter sent to the Bureau by Lakeview Lodge, Inc.(by Swanson Reservoir), a non-profit organization whose "mission is to provide a quality family and youth-oriented facility."

"Our concerns and comments to the Bureau are as follow:

"Some talk has circulated concerning the Bureau selling off parcels of land - this is a definite concern for us as we are striving to renovate the facility

"The road coming from the highway to the lodge leaves a lot to be desired, especially the crumbling blacktop. It is a true challenge to dodge potholes.

"We would love to have some assistance in replacing the dead and dying trees in the tree belt (the shelter belt for Lakeview Lodge). We have several dead trees down and need to replace these trees, hopefully with trees of some size instead of seedlings.

"I'm sure you're tired of hearing about the closed trails, and although it does not hinder the renting of the lodge, many older citizens have voiced that it is very difficult or impossible for them to backpack to hunting areas they have used in the past. Also, a lot of local citizens have used these trails for sightseeing

Swanson/Recreation, Wildlife:

"Why do you allow your concessionaire to (Big Bill) to sell/serve alcohol, but prohibit lake users from consuming on the water, campgrounds, etc.? I support the ban on alcohol."

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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