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Comments From Wauneta Open House, August 22, 2000

The following comments are from the Bureau of Reclamation's (Bureau) Informational Open Houses held in Wauneta, Ne (8/22/00) and McCook, Ne (8/23/00). These comments were recorded by Bureau and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission employees during the Open Houses as they spoke with and listened to citizens.

1. Open Cow Beaches.

2. Put parking area near Cow Beach.

3. Vehicle access to Cow Beach.

4. Open trails for wildlife viewing.

5. Upgrade and open Crappie Bay trail.

6. Elderly have limited access.

7. Improve electrical hookups at Macklin Bay transformer.

8. Dredge channel into Macklin Bay.

9. Improve boat ramp at Enders.

10. Reinstall a courtesy dock adjacent to boat ramp at Enders.

11. Pile up old mill foundation material at Enders (concrete).

12. Mark concrete material with buoy.

13. Open Cow Beaches.

14. West end (Enders) 10-15 times more hunting than other areas. Closing road stops elderly/handicapped from using the area. People should be allowed to drive to the river.

15. Regulate roads first before closing them down.

16. Open sand beach (Cow).

17. Hold more water in reservoirs for recreation.

18. Change land designation from wildlife to recreation at Cow Beaches.

19. Could we build a maintained road out to Cow Beach?

20. Designate swimming areas.

21. Existing road (2 track) at upper end of Enders not a problem. Why close it now?

22. Elderly discouraged from visiting area.

23. Access to Cow Beaches only by boat now.

24. Cow Beaches at Enders should have controlled parking areas.

25. Water management below Swanson.

26. Open Cow Beaches to reduce population near the cabin area.

27. Enforce traffic violations.

28. Maintain cabin roads!

29. Maintain tree breaks near roads on West end of Swanson.

30. Road closures will push traffic onto neighboring private lands.

31. Road closures deny access for the elderly.

32. Should have had meetings prior to road closures.

33. Canada thistle control needs to be addressed at Swanson.

34. On the South side of Enders, re-open some roads that went to the water in sections 9 and 4.

35. Re-open Cow Beach area. Maintain roads and parking lots to keep people from driving on the beach.

36. Establish a lake-user committee (Enders) to assist with volunteer manpower, clean-up days, and general lake work

37. Cow Beach - no disturbance.

38. No sense in shutting down Cow Beach.

39. Open far West stretch trail #12.

40. Need water for fish.

41. Want roads closed for better hunting!

42. Want a boat ramp at Enders.

43. Some road closures O.K., some not O.K.

44. Support seasonal closure of roads. Open them for fishing season, and close them for bow season.

45. Make the Cow Beaches a recreation area with camping.

46. Cow Beaches should stay closed.

47. The road closures are O.K. Good for wildlife.

48. Cow Beach should be opened.

49. Need parking lot to access Cow Beach.

50. Require park sticker for Wildlife Management Areas also.

51. Seasonal closure of roads.

52. Reduce size of refuge to allow deer hunting.

53. Need better crops more suited to wildlife.

54. Support current road closure on Wildlife Management Areas.

55. Archery hunters like areas away from roads.

56. Grazing reduced production numbers.

57. Open trails at the West end of Swanson.

58. Open roads at the West end of Enders.

59. I should be able to drive any place I want on a Wildlife Management Area to get a dead deer!

60. Allow alcohol on Wildlife Management Areas.

61. Want water in reservoirs! No water - no fish!

62. There should be more water for the fish!

63. Need to quit draining Enders!

64. Buy Enders water rights from the irrigators.

65. Why are fish dying at Swanson Reservoir?

66. How long for Enders to refill?

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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