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Comments From McCook Open House, August 23, 2000

1. Open roads on Southwest side of Swanson Wildlife Management Areas.

2. Open closed road on trail #12.

3. Need a dike road along river (East side).

4. Possibly have a key available for entering remote areas for deer retrieval.

5. Review Bureau road closures on Red Willow.

6. Major fence repairs needed on Wildlife Management Areas.

7. Road closures are needed for quality hunting.

8. Need better law enforcement on Medicine Creek Wildlife Management Area (ATV's).

9. Seasonal closures should begin in September and October.

10. Limit water releases out of Swanson.

11. Better access to Dart's Bay at Enders.

12. Remove guard rails from Enders Dam.

13. Allow more grazing on reservoir lands instead of burning.

14. Keep Medicine Creek roads better mowed.

15. Keep cabins at all of the lakes.

16. More handicap signs in accessible areas.

17. Handicap parking at boat ramps.

18. Need handicap accessible docks - move floating docks around the lake.

19. Since the trail is closed at extreme West end of Hugh Butler Lake (off county road), we cannot access lake to launch canoes. Difficult to launch from county road bridge.

20. Would like to see trail reopened at West end of Swanson Lake off of trail #12 for more river access.

21.Bio-control(insects) sites at Swanson were also sprayed. There needs to be an approved Integrated Pest Management plan.

22. On trail #6 at Medicine Creek, modify seasonal closure to allow access to the bottom of the hill.

23. Trail #12 Swanson, consider allowing access to point to the West (waterfowl hunting).

24. Dredge Marina bay at Red Willow during draw downs to extend use.

25. North boat ramp near Marina is silted in.

26. Let the cabin lessees buy the land from the Bureau of Reclamation.

27. At Hugh Butler (Red Willow), clean out both Marina bays to make fuel docks accessible (docks are silted in).

28. Develop camping areas close to the lake with heated showers (Hugh Butler).

29. Develop small cabin areas on all lake areas.

30. Maintain minimum stream flow.

31. Recognize non consumptive uses of water in Republican and Frenchman basins.

32. Stock Hugh Butler Lake with more fish!

33. Cost of restocking Swanson after fish kill?

34. Why is Swanson being drained? Concerned over dead and dying fish.

35. Shut off irrigation from Swanson!!

36. Limit irrigation water usage from Swanson. It shouldn't be drawn down so low!

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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