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"Could we have beach area on north side so we could drive closer to the beach. I have no boat so is all but off limits to my 3 yr old son and wife. What a nice beach not to be used not abused."

"I would like to see more water left in the lake, north side beaches reopened and the fishing and camping spots recently closed on south side open again."


"Open up Cow beaches, have parking lot and good road to them. Open west end of wildlife management area like it was, so handicap people could use it."

Enders/Recreation, Wildlife:

"Keep vehicles out of Cow beach area on north side of refuge. Keep it like it is now.

"Would like to see small trail near south-west corner of Crappie Bay (west of dam) reopened. Can't see where it's a safety, habitat, or erosion threat/issue. It lies between the road going to other camping area on south end of bay and to the east of the trail that goes up steep hill where 4-wheeling idiots shouldn't be driving and I hope will get caught by the game warden."

"Please reopen the south side lake roads as well as the beach roads. Re-evaluate the true revenue producing aspect of the lake. Make sure you look at all angles before making drastic decisions. Please don't drain lake. If you can't stop draining the lake please mark the hazards as the lake lowers. Thanks."

Enders/Recreation, Other (Safety):

"Jim Carney stated at the Aug. 22, 2000 info meeting at Wauneta that NE Game and Parks would be liable if they marked the old farmstead/mill foundation at the west end of Enders Lake and do not mark every other hazard along all of the other lakes and reservoirs. It would be very unfortunate to not have it marked and a skier or jet ski person hit it and was seriously injured or killed, or impaled on the exposed rebar. Will your conscious allow you to say that this hazard does not need to be taken care of?

"If NE Game and Parks cannot take care of this let the public know that they can - newspaper, front page would be the best form of announcement."

"I was very disappointed in the response that Jim Carney gave at the info meeting in Wauneta on Aug. 22, 2000 - that nothing could be done about the old cement farmstead/mill foundation at the west end of Enders Lake. It would be very unfortunate if a skier or jet ski person were to be seriously injured hitting that structure or even impaled on the exposed rebar - because NE Game and Parks or Bureau of Reclamation could not or would not take care of a known hazard or take initiative to mark that hazard better.

"Let the public know thru front page news article that they can go in and take care of this hazard if NE G&P won't."

Enders/Recreation,Wildlife, Fisheries:

"The closure of the south side lake roads was unnecessary. Why close a road that is perfectly driveable. Why not put up a sign warning people of the hazard of driving on the roads. Camping and fishing are great activities that should not be hindered. Please reopen the roads. Thanks."

Enders/wildlife, Other:

"1. Develop marsh/wetland on west end of wildlife land (south if river).

"2. Should keep Cow Beach area in refuge closed to vehicles, like it is now.

"3. Need better road maintenance in wildlife area/refuge.

"4. Bureau should remove old concrete foundation and bridge for safety, rather than closing trails."


"I would like to see the roads and beaches opened back up. Let the public enjoy the recreation and habitat for which it was initially designed."

"Other Concerns:

"1. Don't close south side Bays, they offer the best campsite.

"2. Reopen Cow Beaches to at least day use.

"3. Stop draining the lake to dead pool, it can't be cost efficient.

"4. Get a biologist that is competent, and is willing to listen to public input!!"


"The closure of the south side camping areas is unfounded. Not only is this valuable recreation space wasted, but the perfunctory reasons for this closure is excessive. Rectify these errors by reopening these areas and remove this precedent before it is too late."

"- Don't take our campsites away.

"-I only have one leg and it's hard to walk far to water with equipment to fish.

"-They shouldn't be able to take away what we've had all my life."


Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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