Crow Irrigation Project - Public Comment

Public involvement is a key component of the federal environmental review process. All interested parties are encouraged to participate in the Crow Irrigation Project EA by informing themselves about the project, asking questions, attending public scoping meetings, and commenting.

Public involvement is integrated into each step of the preparation of an EA. The diagram below shows how you can get involved along the way.

Public Involvement in the Crow Irrigation Project Environmental Assessment Process

Public Scoping

Scoping is intended to give interested parties the chance to comment on a proposed action and to offer suggestions about the issues to be considered in the environmental analysis.The scoping process is intended to involve all interested agencies (federal, state, county, and local), public interest groups, Native American tribes, businesses, and members of the public. Public meetings (open house format) were hosted during early February by the Crow Tribe, Bartlett & West, Reclamation, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Individuals were given the opportunity to provide spoken or written comments at the meetings and during the scoping period which concluded February 28, 2014.

Comment on the Draft Programmatic EA

The public comment period for the Draft Programmatic EA closed on November 21, 2014. Draft EA comments and responses are summarized in Appendix B of the Final EA.

Future Public Involvement Opportunities

The Final Programmatic EA and the FONSI/Decision Document are available for public distribution.

For More Information

For further information on the Crow Irrigation Project Programmatic EA, please contact:

Main Contact/NEPA-Environmental Review Process:

Christina Gomer
Bureau of Reclamation

Engineering & Design:

Dan Stremcha
Bureau of Reclamation

Crow Nation:

Titus Takes Gun, Water Rights Director

Mailing Address:

Bureau of Reclamation
Attn: Crow Water Projects (GP-4000)
P.O. Box 36900
Billings, MT 59107-6900

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