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Canyon Ferry Reservoir
Goose Bay Marina Modernization Project Study

Looking over the boat slips at Goose Bay Marina, Canyon Ferry, Mont.
Looking over the boat slips at Goose Bay Marina, Canyon Ferry, Mont.

This web site provides information about planning efforts for the Goose Bay Marina Recreation Area.

Goose Bay Marina is located on the eastern shore of Canyon Ferry Reservoir, near the midway point, north of Townsend, Mont. The bay is among the largest on the reservoir serving as a marina, and is a deep-water bay.

The Goose Bay Marina boat ramp at Canyon Ferry Reservoir will remain closed through the 2015 recreation season. The boat ramp is within the Goose Bay Marina construction zone and needs to remain closed to the public for safety reasons. Reclamation is planning for the Marina to be operational for the 2016 recreation season.

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Reclamation has been keeping the public informed and gathering comments on the Goose Bay Marina Modernization Study through a series of public meetings, mailings and other outreach tools, such as this web site.

Update May 22, 2014:

Based on the analysis of the environmental impacts described in the Environmental Assessment (EA), the Bureau of Reclamation has released a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Decision Notice for the Goose Bay Marina Modernization Project, located at Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Mont.

The boat ramp at Goose Bay Marina will remain open during the 2014 recreation season. Reclamation-operated camping, located west/northwest of Goose Bay Marina, will remain open for public use with minimum and basic services provided, subject to the 14-day stay limit. There will be no gas service at Goose Bay.

Reclamation estimates the majority of the Goose Bay Marina area will be closed through the 2014 and 2015 recreation seasons allowing for required demolition and construction activities, and plans to have a concessionaire in place for the 2016 recreation season.

Update September 5, 2014:

On Sept. 4, 2014, Reclamation awarded a $6.9 million contract to Helena Sand and Gravel for the modernization of the Goose Bay Marina concession area, approximately 25 miles north of Townsend.

The principal components of the work include developing a marina complete with store, fueling area, showers, flush toilets, RV dump stations, potable water fill stations, day use area, picnic areas, group camping areas, RV campsites, water and wastewater systems, accessible dock access, overnight boat trailer parking, electrical/telephone service, and varied landscaping throughout the area.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Current News and Background Information:

Canyon Ferry Reservoir Developed Recreation AreasIn Feb., Reclamation requested a feasibility design study, including layout of marina facilities, roads, trails, camping pads, parking lots, wastewater systems and other site developments. A base level of development and a potential phased expansion to a high level of development were included in the feasibility design.

The feasibility design study, which was completed in May, includes the following facilities and services:

The study also considered a potential RV dump station, flush toilets and showers, vault toilets, a potable water fill station, updated electrical supply system, year-round storage for boats and RVs, a fish cleaning station, overnight boat trailer storage area, day use / picnic areas, as well as shoreline and interior trails to promote easy access to site amenities.

Through extensive public involvement, Reclamation has determined that there are a variety of public interests in the way Goose Bay is managed, the majority which are recreation-related.

Note: While the modernization study will produce designs for a complete future build-out of Goose Bay Marina, the improvements that are constructed will be dependent on available funding.

Potential Improvements:

The photos below are from Appendix F in the Draft EA for the Recreation Master Plan for Goose Bay. These photos show existing locations (left column) next to some of the updates proposed under the different alternatives presented in the EA. Click on a photo below to open a larger version.

Existing Location     Proposed Dry Boat Storage Facility

Existing Location     Proposed Fish Cleaning Station

Existing Location     Proposed Handicap Fishing Pier, Screened Group Shelter and Waiting Dock

Existing Location     Proposed Park Model Mobile Cabins

Existing Location     Proposed Satellite Store & Dock

Existing Location     Proposed Docks - Scooter Bay

Last Updated: May 15, 2015

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