Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet Sites in Wyoming

Data as of 05/12/2016
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ALCR - Alcova Reservoir, WY   Location Map
ANCR - Anchor Reservoir, South Fork Owl Creek, WY   Location Map
ARGY - Aragon Ditch, WY   Location Map
BBR - Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Shoshone River near Cody, WY *CODYWY*   Location Map
BBRSFD - Buffalo Bill South Fork Dike, WY   Location Map
BBWS - Buffalo Bill Weather Station, WY   Location Map
BBWY - Bighorn River at Basin, WY   Location Map
BCWY - Bluff Canal, WY   Location Map
BFWY - Belle Fourche River at WY-SD State, SD   Location Map
BGSW - Big Goose, WY - Powder/Tongue - Elevation 7760   Location Map
BHMW - Blackhall Mountain, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 9820   Location Map
BHRW - Bighorn River near Worland, WY   Location Map
BHWY - Big Horn Canal, WY   Location Map
BIGSAOWY - Big Sandy Opening, WY - Green - Elevation 9100   Location Map
BLAY - Bull Lake Creek above Bull Lake Reservoir, WY   Location Map
BLCK - Bull Lake Creek below Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, WY   Location Map
BLDY - Bald Mountain, WY - Shell - 9380   Location Map
BLR - Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, WY   Location Map
BLTW - Beartooth Lake, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 9275   Location Map
BLWY - Blackwater, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 9780   Location Map
BOYR - Boysen Reservoir, Wind River near Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
BOYW - Boysen Weather Station nr Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
BRCW - Burroughs Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8750   Location Map
BRJW - Burgess Junction, WY - Powder - Elevation 7880   Location Map
BROKLNWY - Brooklyn Lake, WY   Location Map
BSDY - Bone Springs Divide, WY - Shell - Elevation 9350   Location Map
BTNW - Bear Trap Meadow, WY - Powder - Elevation 8200   Location Map
CANW - Canyon, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 8090   Location Map
CASPERWY - Casper Mountain, WY   Location Map
CAWY - Casper Canal, WY   Location Map
CCRW - Castle Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8400   Location Map
CCWY - Cherry Creek Drain, WY   Location Map
CINW - Cinnabar Park, WY - Laramie - 9574   Location Map
COSW - Cold Springs, WY - Wind - Elevation 9630   Location Map
CPKW - Cloud Peak Reservoir, MT - Powder - Elevation 9850   Location Map
CROW - Crow Creek, WY - Laramie - Elevation 8330   Location Map
DCBY - Dinwoody Creek abv Lakes, near Burris, WY   Location Map
DCCY - Dry Creek Canal, near Burris, WY   Location Map
DMLW - Dome Lake, WY - Powder - Elevation 8880   Location Map
DPKW - Deer Park, WY - Sweetwater - Elevation 9700   Location Map
DVDY - Divide Peak, WY   Location Map
EKPW - Elkhart Pass G.S., WY - Green - Elevation 9400   Location Map
EVNY - Evening Star, WY - Clark's Fork - Elevation 9200   Location Map
FCWY - Ft. Laramie Canal at Milepost 0.8, WY   Location Map
FLWY - Laramie River near Fort Laramie, WY   Location Map
FMSY - Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni, WY   Location Map
GDWY - Gray Reef Dam, WY   Location Map
GGWY - N. Platte River below Gray Reef Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GLER - Glendo Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GLWY - N. Platte River below Glendo Dam, WY   Location Map
GOWY - N. Platte River below Guernsey Dam, WY   Location Map
GRAR - Gray Reef Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GRMY - Greybull River at Meeteetse, WY   Location Map
GRSW - Grave Springs, WY - Snake - Elevation 8550   Location Map
GRVW - Gros Ventre Summit, WY - Snake - Elevation 8775   Location Map
GRWY - North Platte River near Glenrock, WY   Location Map
GUER - Guernsey Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GUWY - Guernsey Reservoir, WY *GWWY*   Location Map
HBBY - Hobbs Park, WY - Popo Agie - Elevation 10100   Location Map
HEWY - North Platte River at WY-NE State Line, WY   Location Map
HHWY - Highland Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
HNSW - Hansen Sawmill, WY - Powder - Elevation 88360   Location Map
ICWY - Interstate Canal at Milepost 1.0, WY   Location Map
JHNY - Johnstown Ditch at Headworks, near Kinnear, WY   Location Map
KAWY - Bighorn River at Kane, WY   Location Map
KCWY - Kirby Canal, WY   Location Map
KDWY - Katzer Drain, WY   Location Map
KEYR - Keyhole Reservoir, Belle Fourche River near Moorcroft, WY   Location Map
KORR - Kortes Reservoir, WY   Location Map
KOWY - N. Platte River below Kortes Reservoir, WY   Location Map
KRWW - Kirwin, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 9550   Location Map
LCCY - LeClair Diversion Canal, WY   Location Map
LCKW - Larsen Creek, WY - Sweetwater - Elevation 9000   Location Map
LHDY - Lefthand Ditch at Headworks, Near Riverton, WY   Location Map
LHWY - Lower Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
LPLY - Little Popo Agie River near Lander, WY   Location Map
LPPY - Laprele Creek, WY   Location Map
LPWY - Lucerne Pumps, WY   Location Map
LTWY - Little Warm, WY - Wind - Elevation 9620   Location Map
LWRV - Little Wind River near Riverton, WY   Location Map
LWWY - So Fk Little Wind Rvr abv Washakie Reservoir nr Fort Washakie, WY   Location Map
MBOW - Med Bow, WY - Elevation 10500   Location Map
MBWY - Medicine Bow River Above Seminoe Reservoir near Hanna, WY   Location Map
MDDW - Middle Powder, WY - Powder - Elevation 7760   Location Map
MPWY - Middle Popo Agie River below Sinks near Lander, WY   Location Map
MRQY - Marquette, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 8760   Location Map
NFCY - North French Creek, WY   Location Map
NFS - North Fork Shoshone River near Wapiti, WY   Location Map
NPCW - North Platte River at Casper, WY   Location Map
NPOW - North Platte River at Orin, WY   Location Map
OCAW - Owl Creek at Arapahoe Ranch Bridge, WY   Location Map
OLWW - Owl Creek, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 8975   Location Map
ORWY - North Platte River at Orin Jct., WY   Location Map
PATR - Pathfinder Reservoir, WY   Location Map
PAWY - North Platte River below Pathfinder Dam, WY   Location Map
PBR - Pilot Butte Reservoir, offstream, 22 miles northwest of Riverton, WY   Location Map
PCPB - Pilot canal below Pilot Butte, Reservoir, WY   Location Map
PRKW - Parker Peak, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 9400   Location Map
PWDW - Powder River Pass, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 9480   Location Map
RCWY - Rawhide Creek near Lingle, WY   Location Map
RNHW - Reno Hill, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 8500   Location Map
RVCY - Riverton Valley Diversion Canal, WY   Location Map
SBCW - South Brush Creek, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 8440   Location Map
SCBW - Sage Creek Basin, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 7850   Location Map
SCRY - Shell Creek, WY - Shell - Elevation 9580   Location Map
SCWY - Shell Creek at Shell, Wyoming   Location Map
SEMR - Seminoe Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SFOC - South Fork Owl Creek, WY   Location Map
SFOY - South Fork Owl Creek above Anchor Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SFS - South Fork Shoshone River above Buffalo Bill Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SFVY - South Fork Shoshone River near Valley, WY   Location Map
SIWY - North Platte River Above Seminoe Reservoir near Sinclair, WY   Location Map
SLAW - St. Lawrence Alt, WY - Wind - Elevation 8620   Location Map
SNLW - Sand Lake, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 10080   Location Map
SOPASSWY - South Pass, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 9040   Location Map
SRBB - Shoshone River below Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody, WY   Location Map
SRLY - Shoshone River near Lovell, WY   Location Map
SRWY - Shoshone River at Willwood Dam, WY   Location Map
SUCY - Sucker Creek, WY - Tongue - Elevation 8880   Location Map
SWWY - Sweetwater River Above Alcova, WY   Location Map
SYLY - Sylvan Lake, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 7100   Location Map
SYRW - Sylvan Road, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 7120   Location Map
TCWY - Timber Creek, WY - Greybull - Elevation 7950   Location Map
TFWY - Tie Down Flats Canal, WY   Location Map
THMW - Thumb Divide, WY - Snake - Elevation 7980   Location Map
TIEW - Tie Creek, WY - Powder/Tongue - Elevation 6870   Location Map
TOGY - Togwotee Pass, WY - Wind - Elevation 9580   Location Map
TOPW - Two Ocean Plateau, WY - Snake - Elevation 9240   Location Map
TWNW - Townsend Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8700   Location Map
UBWY - Upper Bluff Canal, WY   Location Map
UHWY - Upper Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
UWAY - Upper Wind River, A Canal, at Headworks, WY   Location Map
WBSY - Webber Springs, WY   Location Map
WDWY - Winchester Ditch, WY   Location Map
WGWY - Weather Station Glendo Dam, WY   Location Map
WHWY - North Platte River below Whalen Dam, near Guernsey, WY   Location Map
WLVW - Wolverine, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 7650   Location Map
WNDY - Windy Peak, WY   Location Map
WPWY - Weather Station Pathfinder Dam, WY   Location Map
WRBD - Wind River below Boysen Reservoir near Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
WRCH - Wind River near Crowheart, WY   Location Map
WRDY - Wind River Above Red Creek near Dubois, WY   Location Map
WRKY - Wind River near Kinnear, WY   Location Map
WRND - Wind River near Dubois, WY   Location Map
WRRY - Wind River at Riverton, WY   Location Map
WRSY - Wind River above Boysen near Shoshoni, WY   Location Map
WRWD - Wind River below WYoming Diversion Dam, WY   Location Map
WSWY - Weather Station Seminoe Dam, WY   Location Map
WWWY - Weather Station Whalen Dam, WY   Location Map
WYCY - Wyoming Canal, 1/4 Mile below Diversion Dam, WY   Location Map
YOUY - Younts Peak, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 8350   Location Map

For further information contact: Linda Deavila, Bureau of Reclamation