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Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet Sites in Montana

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BABM - St. Mary River near Babb, MT   Location Map
BACK - Battle Creek near Chinook, MT   Location Map
BADM - Badger Pass, MT - Marias - Elevation 6900   Location Map
BBTM - Boulder River at Big Timber, MT   Location Map
BCCM - Big Coulee below Beale Canal, MT   Location Map
BCHM - Beaver Creek Near Hinsdale, MT   Location Map
BCIB - Battle Creek at International Boundary   Location Map
BDCM - Badger Creek Below Four Horns Canal, near Browning, MT   Location Map
BEAM - Beagle Springs, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 8850   Location Map
BEVM - Beaver Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 7850   Location Map
BFAM - Blackfeet Agrimet Station near Seville Colony, MT   Location Map
BFTM - Big Flat near Turner, Montana, Weather Station   Location Map
BGBM - Beaverhead River at Giem Bridge, MT   Location Map
BHDM - Big Hole River at Maiden Rock, near Divide, MT *BRDM*   Location Map
BHGM - Big Hole River near Glen, MT   Location Map
BHMT - Bighorn River above Tullock Creek near Bighorn, MT   Location Map
BHR - Bighorn Lake (Yellowtail), Bighorn River near Fort Smith, MT *SCADABH* *SCADABHT*   Location Map
BHSX - Bighorn River near St. Xavier, MT   Location Map
BHWM - Big Hole River below Mudd Creek, near Wisdom, MT   Location Map
BIL - Yellowstone River near Billings, MT   Location Map
BLBM - Black Bear, MT - Madison - Elevation 7950   Location Map
BLDM - Boulder River near Boulder, MT   Location Map
BLOM - Bloody Dick, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 7550   Location Map
BOCM - Broken-O Canal, Montana *BOMT*   Location Map
BOMM - Boulder Mountain, MT - Smith - Elevation 7950   Location Map
BOXM - Box Canyon, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 6700   Location Map
BOZM - Bozeman Montana Weather Station 6W   Location Map
BRCM - Brackett Creek, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 7320   Location Map
BRGM - Buffalo Rapids Weather Station near Glendive, MT   Location Map
BRTB - Beaverhead River at Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
BRTM - Buffalo Rapids Weather Station near Terry, MT   Location Map
BSCK - Big Sandy Creek near Havre, MT   Location Map
BVB - Beaverhead River at Barretts, MT   Location Map
BVTB - Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
CBKM - Cut Bank Creek near Browning, MT   Location Map
CCR - Clark Canyon Reservoir, Beaverhead River near Dillon, MT   Location Map
CEGM - St. Mary Canal at Emmigrant Gap, near Babb, MT   Location Map
CFBM - Clarks Fork Yellowstone River near Belfry, MT   Location Map
CFR - Canyon Ferry Lake, Missouri River near Helena, MT *CFRSAT* *SCADACF* *SCADACFT*   Location Map
CLCK - Clear Creek near Chinook, MT   Location Map
CLCM - Cole Creek, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 7850   Location Map
CLMT - Missouri River near Culbertson, MT   Location Map
CLVM - Calvert Creek, MT - Big Hole - Elevation 6430   Location Map
CMDM - Clover Meadow, MT - Ruby - Elevation 8800   Location Map
CMO - Lake Como Reservoir near Darby, MT   Location Map
CPCM - Copper Camp, MT   Location Map
CRRM - Carrot Basin, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 7000   Location Map
CRYM - Crystal Lake, MT   Location Map
DDMM - Deadman Creek, MT - Smith - Elevation 6450   Location Map
DHLM - Darkhorse Lake, MT   Location Map
DIVM - Divide, MT - Ruby - Elevation 7800   Location Map
DLNM - Dillon Montana Weather Station   Location Map
DPYM - Dupuyer Creek, MT - Missouri - Elevation 5750   Location Map
DRMT - Dearborn River near Craig, MT   Location Map
EDEN - Smith River near Eden, MT   Location Map
EMCM - Emery Creek, MT - Flathead - Elevation 4350   Location Map
FBCM - Fort Belknap BIA Canal, MT   Location Map
FRHM - Frohner Meadow, MT - Missouri - Elevation 6480   Location Map
FRR - Fresno Reservoir, Milk River near Havre, MT   Location Map
FSDM - Fort Shaw Diversion Dam near Simms, MT   Location Map
FSHM - Fisher Creek, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 9100   Location Map
FTMM - Flattop MTN, MT - Flathead - Elevation 6300   Location Map
GDMM - Gibson Dam, MT   Location Map
GFMT - Greenfields Weather Station nr Fairfield, MT 8NE   Location Map
GIBR - Gibson Reservoir, Sun River near Great Falls, MT   Location Map
GLASGOMT - Glasgow Irr. District Canal near Vandalia, MT   Location Map
GLGM - Glasgow Montana Weather Station   Location Map
GRGM - Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway, MT   Location Map
HAUM - Missouri River Below Hauser Dam, MT   Location Map
HDHM - Huntley Diversion near Huntley, MT   Location Map
HEBR - Hebgen Lake, Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT   Location Map
HGH - Hungry Horse Reservoir near Hungry Horse, MT   Location Map
HGHM - So. Fork Flathead Riv nr Columbia Falls at Hungry Horse, MT   Location Map
HOLM - Missouri River Below Holter Dam, Near Wolf Creek, MT   Location Map
HRLM - Harlem Montana Weather Station   Location Map
HVMT - Helena Valley Montana Weather Station 4N   Location Map
HVR - Helena Valley Reservoir, near Helena, MT   Location Map
JRMT - Jefferson River near Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
JVWM - Jefferson River Valley Weather Station Near Whitehall, MT   Location Map
LBHM - Little Bighorn River near Hardin, MT   Location Map
LBSM - Little Bighorn River at Stateline Near Wyola, MT   Location Map
LCKM - Lick Creek, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 6860   Location Map
LER - Lake Elwell (Tiber Reservoir) Spillway Transducer, near Chester, MT *LERM*   Location Map
LFRM - Lake Frances Reservoir, MT *PCCM*   Location Map
LGMT - Gallatin River near Logan, MT   Location Map
LIMR - Lima Reservoir, upstream of Clark Canyon Reservoir, MT   Location Map
LMHM - Lemhi Ridge, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 8100   Location Map
LMMM - Lower Musselshell Weather Station near Melstone, MT   Location Map
LOMT - Powder River at Locate, MT   Location Map
LPPWCM - Little Prickly Pear Creek at Wolf Creek, MT   Location Map
LVRM - Lakeview Ridge, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 7400   Location Map
LWTM - Lower Twin, MT - Madison - Elevation 7900   Location Map
MAMT - Madison River near McAllister, MT   Location Map
MANM - Many Glacier, MT - St. Mary's - Elevation 4900   Location Map
MARI - Marias River near Chester, MT   Location Map
MARM - Marias River near Shelby, MT   Location Map
MATM - Malta Montana Weather Station   Location Map
MCPM - Muddy Creek near Power, MT   Location Map
MCVM - Muddy Creek at Vaughn, MT   Location Map
MDPM - Madison Plateau, MT - Madison - Elevation 7750   Location Map
MELM - Big Hole River Near Melrose, MT   Location Map
MFBM - Missouri River at Fort Benton, MT   Location Map
MFPM - Missouri River below Fort Peck Dam, MT   Location Map
MGFM - Missouri River at Great Falls, MT   Location Map
MHVM - Milk River at Havre, MT   Location Map
MLKACCT - Milk River Natural Flow Accounting   Location Map
MLS - Yellowstone River near Miles City, MT   Location Map
MLTO - Tongue River near Miles City, MT   Location Map
MNPM - Monument Peak, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8850   Location Map
MRCM - Madison River at Kirby Ranch near Cameron, MT   Location Map
MRDM - Milk River at Dodson, MT   Location Map
MREC - Milk River at Eastern Crossing near International Boundary   Location Map
MRHM - Milk River near Harlem, MT   Location Map
MRLM - Marias River near Loma, MT   Location Map
MRMM - Milk River at Malta, MT   Location Map
MRMR - Milk River at Milk River Alberta   Location Map
MRTM - Milk River at Tampico, MT   Location Map
MRWC - Milk River at Western Crossing near International Boundary   Location Map
MTKM - Mount Lockhart, MT - Sun - Elevation 6400   Location Map
MULM - Mule Creek, MT   Location Map
MWSM - Mocassin Weather Station, MT   Location Map
MWYM - Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT   Location Map
NAMT - Milk River near Nashua, MT   Location Map
NELR - Nelson Reservoir, offstream reservoir near Malta, MT   Location Map
NFMA - North Fork Milk River above Canal near Browning, MT   Location Map
NFMB - North Fork Milk River near International Boundary   Location Map
NOIM - Noisy Basin, MT   Location Map
NORM - Northeast Entrance, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 7350   Location Map
PCHM - Peoples Creek near Hays, MT   Location Map
PCKM - Pickfoot Creek, MT - Smith - Elevation 6650   Location Map
PICM - Pike Creek, MT - Marias - Elevation 5930   Location Map
PLCM - Placer Basin, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8830   Location Map
PRPM - Porcupine, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 6500   Location Map
PSHR - Pishkun Reservoir near Augusta, MT   Location Map
RBMT - Missouri River near Landusky, MT   Location Map
RBYM - Ruby River Valley Weather Station Near Laurin, MT   Location Map
RKPM - Rocker Peak, MT - Jefferson - Elevation 8000   Location Map
ROCM - Rocky Boy, MT - Milk - Elevation 4700   Location Map
RRAM - Ruby River above Reservoir near Alder, MT   Location Map
RRBM - Ruby River below Reservoir near Alder, MT   Location Map
RRCM - Red Rock Creek above Lakes near Lakeview, MT   Location Map
RUMT - Musselshell River at Roundup, MT   Location Map
SACO - Milk River near Saco, MT   Location Map
SDMM - Saddle Mountain, MT - Bitterroot - Elevation 7900   Location Map
SDWM - Sun River Ditch Company Wasteway into Muddy Creek, MT   Location Map
SFKSM - South Fork Sun River near Augusta, MT   Location Map
SFSM - South Fork Shields, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SHCM - Short Creek, MT - Jefferson - Elevation 7000   Location Map
SHER - Lake Sherburne, Swift Current Creek near Babb, MT   Location Map
SHFM - Shower Falls, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SIDM - Yellowstone River near Sidney, MT   Location Map
SMGM - Swift Current Creek at Many Glacier, MT   Location Map
SMIM - St. Mary Canal at Intake, near Babb, MT   Location Map
SMLM - Smith River below Eagle Creek near Fort Logan, MT   Location Map
SPRM - Spur Park, MT - Smith - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SRAM - Stillwater River near Absarokee, MT   Location Map
SRBM - Sun River at Augusta Bridge, MT   Location Map
SRDM - Sun River Diversion Dam, MT   Location Map
SRLM - Shields River near Livingston, MT   Location Map
SRSM - Sun River at Simms, MT   Location Map
STMB - St. Mary River at International Boundary   Location Map
STMC - St. Mary Canal at St. Mary crossing near Babb, MT   Location Map
SUMM - Summit, MT Weather Station   Location Map
SVWM - Shields Valley Weather Station near Wilsall, MT   Location Map
SWTR - Swift Reservoir, Birch Creek, MT   Location Map
SXBM - St. Xavier Bridge near Hardin, MT   Location Map
TCPM - Tank Coulee near Power, MT   Location Map
TETM - Teton River near Dutton, MT   Location Map
TFMT - Jefferson River near Three Forks, MT   Location Map
TFOM - Teton River below Freeze Out Reservoir, MT   Location Map
TIBM - Tizer Basin, MT - Missouri - Elevation 6880   Location Map
TLBM - Two Leggins Bridge near Hardin, MT   Location Map
TMRM - Two Medicine River below South Fork near Browning, MT   Location Map
TOMT - Missouri River near Toston, MT   Location Map
TOSM - Toston Montana Weather Station 2WSW   Location Map
TPEM - Tepee Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 8000   Location Map
TRCM - Teton River below South Fork, near Choteau, MT   Location Map
TRFM - Teton River Weather Station near Farmington, MT   Location Map
TRLM - Teton River at Loma, MT   Location Map
TRMT - Tongue River at State Line, near Decker, MT   Location Map
ULGE - Missouri River near Ulm, MT   Location Map
UMHM - Upper Musselshell Weather Station near Harlowton, MT   Location Map
VAMT - Sun River near Vaughn, MT   Location Map
VIMT - Missouri River near Virgelle, MT   Location Map
VNMT - Big Dry Creek near Van Normon, MT   Location Map
WALM - Waldron, MT - Teton - Elevation 5600   Location Map
WCFM - Willow Creek Feeder Canal, MT   Location Map
WCR - Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Creek near Augusta, MT   Location Map
WHTM - White Mill, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 8700   Location Map
WISM - Big Hole River below Big Lake Creek, at Wisdom, MT   Location Map
WODM - Wood Creek, MT - Sun - Elevation 5960   Location Map
WPMT - Missouri River near Wolf Point, MT   Location Map
WSKM - Whiskey Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 6800   Location Map
WSSM - White Sulphur Springs Weather Station, MT   Location Map
WYSM - West Yellowstone, MT - Madison - Elevation 6700   Location Map
YRCM - Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs, MT   Location Map
YRFM - Yellowstone River at Forsyth, MT   Location Map
YRGM - Yellowstone River near Glendive, MT   Location Map
YRLM - Yellowstone River near Livingston, MT   Location Map

For further information contact: Roger Michel, Bureau of Reclamation