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Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet Sites in Kansas

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Text Links Referenced on the Map
CBKS - Cedar Bluff Dam, KS   Location Map
CCKS - Cawker City Dike, KS   Location Map
CHENEY - Cheney Dam, KS   Location Map
KSKS - Keith Sebelius Lake (Norton Dam), KS   Location Map
KWKS - Kirwin Reservoir at Kirwin, KS   Location Map
LCKS - Lower Courtland Canal, Mile 38.0, KS   Location Map
LVABKS - Lovewell above Kansas, NE   Location Map
LVKS - Lovewell Dam, KS   Location Map
OSKS - Osborne Canal, KS   Location Map
WAKS - Waconda Lake (Glen Elder Dam), KS   Location Map
WBKS - Webster Reservoir near Stockton, KS   Location Map

For further information contact: Linda Deavila, Bureau of Reclamation