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RES070 provides monthly data for the period of record, for one year, or for any combination of years inbetween. Only one output parameter can be displayed at any one time. Additional submitals may be made.

The Bureau of Reclamation HYDROMET database stores all of the data in a WATER YEAR format. A water year begins on October 1st of any year and ends on September 30th of the following year, example - Water year 1997 includes data from October 1, 1996 through September 30, 1997. Keep this in mind when requesting data.

All data values must be input using CAPITAL letters.

At the What Station ID? Box, type in the appropriate reservoir code. Reservoir codes can be found at the bottom of the current reservoir data page or if you do not know the code, a listing of all of the reservoir codes can be found by CLICKING HERE. Hitting the ENTER at this point will cause the program to malfunction and no data will be retrieved. TAB to the next box or move the CURSOR.

At the What Parameters? Box, type in the parameter code as you would like to see. If you need a listing of available codes available for the reservoir you have selected, type the word LIST into the box and click on SUBMIT. A listing of all available parameter codes for all reservoirs is available by CLICKING HERE.

At the Beginning Year (first available year)? Box, type in the four digit year of the first year of data you would like to see. The default is the first year of data in the database. This varies for each individual reservoir.

At the Ending Year (first available year)? Box, type in the four digit year of the first year of data you would like to see. The default is the present year.

Using these years, you could request data for the entire period of record, one year, or a range of years, say 1950 through 1960.

To retrieve the data you have requested, click on the SUBMIT button.

To request another parameter, simply move the cursor back to the What Parameter box, type in a new code and provided you want the same year of record, simply click the SUBMIT button.

The data you requested should be displayed on the screen.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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