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Hydromet: Instructions on how to use the DAYPLT Plotting Program

DAYPLT is a plotting routine that will allow the users to view daily historical data residing in the HYDROMET database. The program allows the users the opportunity to view a daily data for one day or a month's worth of data.

The Bureau of Reclamation HYDROMET database stores all of the data in a WATER YEAR format. A water year begins on October 1st of any year and ends on September 30th of the following year, example - Water year 1997 includes data from October 1, 1996 through September 30, 1997. Keep this in mind when requesting data.

In the Ending Month, Ending Day Number of days line, enter the appropriate time period you wish to display. This routine works in a backward mode. If you input the Ending Month as FEB, the Ending Day as the 6th and request 21 days of data, the plot provided will encompass the period Jan 17th through Feb 6th.

In the next set of columns, you can request a number of data items. They may be for one or reservoirs, or one or more data sets.

Under Station (1), input the reservoir code for the state on interest. Reservoir codes can be found at the bottom of the current reservoir data page or if you do not know the code, a listing of all of the reservoir codes can be found by CLICKING HERE. TAB to the next box or move the CURSOR. Hitting the ENTER at this point will cause the program to malfunction and no data will be retrieved.

Under Parameter (1), input the parameter code of interest. A listing of all available parameter codes for all reservoirs is available by CLICKING HERE.

Repeat the preceding steps for the other five columns.

Once all the data has been placed into the appropriate columns, select the SUBMIT button and the data will be plotted.

The Vertical Plot Scale Limits provide an avenue to resize the plot. It is suggested that these values are not modified. The plot will automatically size to fit the data requested.

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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