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Dayfile Station List for Nebraska

Select station for real-time data. Select parameter code underneath station name to show plot of real-time data.

Alphabetical listing of stations: A B C D E F G H L M N O R S T W

Akers Draw into Tristate Canal, NE

Bartley Canal, NE

Bartley Canal, Wasteway, NE

Bartley Diversion, NE

Blackwood Wasteway, NE

Box Butte Dam, NE

Calamus Dam, NE

Cambridge Canal, Wasteway, NE

Cambridge Diversion, NE

Center Creek at Franklin, NE

Courtland Canal at State Line, NE

Courtland Canal, Mile 0.7, NE

Culbertson Canal, Mile 0.53, NE

Culbertson Extension Canal, NE

Davis Creek Dam, NE

Dry Spotted Tail Diversion into Tristate Canal, NE

Dunlap Diversion, NE

Elm Creek at Amboy, NE

Franklin Pump Canal, NE

Frenchman Creek above Enders Reservoir, NE

Ft. Laramie Canal at Milepost 85.3, NE

Gering Canal at Parshall Flume, NE

Harlan County Dam, NE

Highline Canal above Minatare Diversion, NE

Highline Canal, NE

Lake Alice Reservoir Elevation, NE

Lake Alice Reservoir Inflow, NE

Lake Minatare Inflow-Highline, NE

Lake Minatare Reseroir Outflow, NE

Lake Minatare Reservoir Inflow, NE

Lake Minatare Reservoir, NE

Little Lake Alice Reservoir El-Outflow, NE

Medicine Creek above Harry Strunk Lake, NE

Meeker-Driftwood Canal, Wasteway, NE

Merritt Dam, NE

Mitchell-Gering Canal, NE

Northport Canal at Parshall Flume, NE

Osborne Canal, KS

Red Willow Creek above Hugh Butler Lake, NE

Red Willow Diversion Dam, NE

Republican River near Riverton, NE

Sheep Creek Diversion into Tristate Canal, NE

Superior Canal, NE

Thompson Creek at Riverton, NE

Tristate Dam, NE

Tub Springs Diversion into Tristate Canal, NE

Turkey Creek at Naponee, NE

Weather Station Minatare Dam, NE

Wet Spotted Tail Diversion into Tristate Canal, NE

Winters Creek Reservoir (Outflow), NE

Winters Creek Resrevoir, NE

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Last Updated: July 15, 2014

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