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Hydromet: Dayfile Data Request Form

Enter a station and a other optional information then submit your request. Use all Capital Letters. When moving from field to field, use the cursor or the TAB key. Hitting Enter too soon will cause the program to malfunction and no data will be retrieved. The Station Code is a character string name of the station for which data is to be retrieved.

A Parameter Code is a character string name of the specific data to be retrieved. For example AF is the parameter code for Reservoir Storage Content (acre-feet). Dayfile data is available for approximately the last nine months.

  • Station Code:
  • Parameter Code list separated by commas or blank for all parameters:
  • Enter date desired (i.e. 97SEP1 or a range 97SEP1,97SEP30) or blank for today:
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Last Updated: March 5, 2013

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