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This is a listing of all available station codes on the Great Plains Region Hydromet System. For help finding a listing, use the "Find in this page" option under "Edit" on your browser's menu bar.

Note Some stations are not currently collecting data but may have data from previous years. These data may be accessed through the archive request form.

Corps of Engineers Stream Gaging and Other Stations
Code Name/Location
BHMT Bighorn River above Tullock Creek near Bighorn, MT
BIL Yellowstone River at Billings, MT
CLMT Missouri River near Culbertson, MT
FLMT Note.gif Smith River, MT
FLWY Laramie River near Fort Laramie, WY
GRNE Platte River near Grand Island, NE
GRWY North Platte River near Glenrock, WY
HEWY North Platte River at WY-NE State Line, WY
KAWY Bighorn River at Kane, WY
KENE Platte River near Kearney, NE
LGMT Gallatin River at Logan, MT
LOMT Powder River at Locate, MT
LUNE Platte River near Lousiville, NE
MAMT Madison River at McAllister, MT
MLNE Middle Loup River at St. Paul, NE
MLS Yellowstone River at Miles City, MT
MLTO Tongue River at Miles City, MT
NAMT Milk River at Nashua, MT
NBNE North Bend on Platte River, NE
NLNE North Loup River near St. Paul, NE
PIST Pipestem Dam, ND
RBMT Missouri River at Landusky, MT
RUMT Musselshell River at Roundup, MT
SACO Milk River at Juneberg Bridge near Saco, MT
SIDM Yellowstone River near Sidney, MT
TFMT Jefferson River at Three Forks, MT
TOMT Missouri River at Toston, MT
ULGE Missouri River at Ulm, MT
VAMT Sun River near Vaughn, MT
VIMT Missouri River at Virgelle, MT
VNMT Big Dry Creek at Van Norman, MT
WPMT Missouri River near Wolf Point, MT

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Last Updated: August 23, 2013

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