Climatological Stations by Area Office

This is a listing of all available station codes on the Great Plains Region Hydromet System.

Note Some stations are not currently collecting data but may have data from previous years. These data may be accessed through the archive request form.

Eastern Colorado Area Office Climatological Stations
Code Name/Location
BTABESCO Big Thompson River above Lake Estes, Colorado
BTCANYCO Big Thompson River at Canyon Mouth, Colorado
GREELCCO Elliot Creek near Green Mountain Reservoir, Colorado
HFCWASCO Charles Hansen Feeder Canal, Colorado
HTOOTHR Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado
MORWEACO Mormon House Control Weather Station, Colorado
OLYDAMCO Olympus Dam at Lake Estes, Colorado
PUER Pueblo Reservoir, Colorado
TURQ Turquoise Reservoir, Colorado
Montana Area Office Climatological Stations
Code Name/Location
GDMM Gibson Dam Weather Station, Montana
SUMM Summit MT Weather Station, Montana
Oklahoma-Texas Area Office Climatological Stations
Code Name/Location
MCWH McGee Creek Wildlife Area, Oklahoma
WAEH Elk City Weather Station, Oklahoma
WALT Lefors, Texas
WREH Erick, Oklahoma
WRWT Wheeler, Texas
Wyoming Area Office Climatological Stations
Code Name/Location
BBWS Buffalo Bill Weather Station, Wyoming
BOYW Boysen Weather Station near Thermopolis, Wyoming
CODYWY Note Cody, Wyoming
GWWY Weather Station at Guernsey Dam, Wyoming
MUDGAPWY Note Muddy Gap, Wyoming
NGCO Northgate Raingage, Colorado
PAVILLWY Note Pavillion, Wyoming
RIVERTWY Note Riverton, Wyoming
SRTOGAWY Note Saratoga, Wyoming
WGWY Weather Station at Glendo Dam, Wyoming
WMNE Weather Station at Minatare Dam, Nebraska
WPWY Weather Station at Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming
WSWY Weather Station at Seminoe Dam, Wyoming
WWWY Weather Station at Whalen Dam, Wyoming

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Last Updated: 5/17/16