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Canals and Stream Gaging Stations by Area Office

This is a listing of all available station codes on the Great Plains Region Hydromet System. For help finding a listing, use the "Find in this page" option under "Edit" on your browser's menu bar.

Note Some stations are not currently collecting data but may have data from previous years. These data may be accessed through the archive request form.

Dakotas Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
BFCE Belle Fourche Inlet Canal East, SD
BFWY Belle Fourche River at WY-SD State Line
CRED Cheyenne River at Edgemont, SD

Eastern Colorado Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
ARKAVOCO Arkansas River near Avondale, CO
ARKCANCO Arkansas River at Canyon City, CO
ARKGRACO Arkansas River at Granada, CO
ARKGRNCO Arkansas River at Granite, CO
ARKLASCO Arkansas River at Las Animas, CO
ARKMOFCO Arkansas River at Moffat Street, CO
ARKNATCO Arkansas River near Nathrop, CO
ARKNEPCO Arkansas River near Nepesta, CO
ARKPORCO Arkansas River at Portland, CO
ARKPUECO Arkansas River above Pueblo, CO
ARKSALCO Arkansas River at Salida, CO
ARKWELCO Arkansas River near Wellsville, CO
BIGLOVCO Big Thompson River at Loveland, CO
BIGTHOM Note Big Thompson River, CO
BLUDILCO Blue River below Dillion, CO
BLUGRECO Blue River below Green Mountain. Reservoir, CO
BOUTUNCO Charles H. Boustead Tunnel, CO
BTABESCO Big Thompson River above Lake Estes, CO
BTBLESCO Big Thompson River below Lake Estes, CO
BTCANYCO Big Thompson River at Canyon Mouth near Drake, CO
BTNFDRCO North Fork Big Thompson River at Drake, CO
BTPPFBCO Big Thompson Power Plant Forebay, CO
BUSTUNCO Busk - Ivanhoe Tunnel, CO
CARDIVCO Carter Diversion/Bypass, CO
CHPDIVCO Chapman Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO
CLAFORCO Cache La Poudre River at Fort Collins, CO
CLAFTCCO Cache La Poudre River at Canyon Mouth near Ft. Collins, CO
COLAWICO Colorado River at Windy Gap near Granby, CO
COLCAMCO Colorado River near Cameo, CO
COLDITCO Columbine Ditch, CO
COLDOTCO Colorado River near Dotsero, CO
COLGBYCO Colorado River below Granby Reservoir, CO
COLGLECO Colorado River below Glenwood Springs, CO
COLKRECO Colorado River near Kremmling, CO
COLNGBCO Colorado River near Granby Reservoir, CO
COLPALCO Colorado River near Palisade, CO
COLUTACO Colorado River near Colorado-Utah state line
CRYC ANCO Crystal River below Carbondale, CO
DILTUNCO Note Dillon Tunnel at Thompson River near Drake, CO
EAGGYPCO Eagle River below Gypsum, County, CO
ESTSPKCO Note Lake Estes (Olympus Dam), CO
EWIDITCO Ewing Ditch, CO
FOUPINCO Fountain Creek near Pinon, CO
FRAWINCO Fraser River at Winter Park, CO
FRYDIVCO Fryingpan River Diversion/Bypass, CO
FRYMERCO Frying Pan River near Meredith, CO
FRYRUDCO Fryingpan River near Ruedi, CO
FRYTHOCO Fryingpan River near Thomasville, CO
GHICANCO Government Highline Canal near Grand Junction, CO
GRDTCHCO Note Grand Ditch, CO
GRDVALCO Grand Valley Canal near Grand Junction, CO
GREELCCO Elliot Creek Canal near Green Mountain Reservoir, CO
GRNDIVCO Granite Diversion/Bypass, CO
GUNGRJCO Gunnison River near Grand Junction, CO
HALDIVCO Half Moon Diversion, CO
HFCFLTCO Charles Hansen Feeder Canal at Flatiron Reservoir, CO
HFCWASCO Charles Hansen Feeder Canal Wasteway to Big Thompson
HMMC Halfmoon Creek near Malta, CO
HNTDIVCO Hunter Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO
HOMTUNCO Homestake Tunnel, CO
IVNDIVCO Ivanhoe Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO
LAKATLCO Lake Creek above Twin Lakes, CO
LAKBTLCO Lake Creek below Twin Lakes, CO
LFCBSLCO Lake Fork Creek below Sugar Loaf Dam, CO
LINGRRCO Lincoln Creek below Grizzly Reservoir, CO
LKCTURCO Lake Fork Creek above Turquoise Reservoir, CO
MARDITCO Marion Ditch near Leadville, CO
MCUDIVCO Middle Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, CO
MIDDIVCO Midway Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO
MORDIVCO Mormon Diversion/Bypass, CO
MUDKRECO Muddy Creek below Wolford Reservoir near Kremmling, CO
NCUDIVCO North Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, CO
NFKDIVCO North Fork Diversion/Bypass, CO
NONDIVCO No Name Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO
OLYDAMCO Olympus Dam at Lake Estes near Estes Park, CO
OLYTUNCO Olympus Tunnel, (Estes Foothills Canal) at Lake Estes, CO
ORCHIDCO Orchard Mesa Irrigation District Canal, Palisade, CO
PLACAMCO Plateau Creek near Cameo, CO
PURBTRCO Purgatorie River below Trinidad Reservoir, CO
PURLASCO Purgatorie River near Las Animas, CO
PURMADCO Purgatorie River at Madrid, CO
PURNINCO Purgatorie River at Ninemile Dam near Higbee, CO
PURTHACO Purgatorie River near Thatcher, CO
PURTRICO Purgatorie River at Trinidad, CO
RFCMERCO Rocky Fork Creek near Meredith, CO
ROAASPCO Roaring Fork River near Aspen, CO
ROABMCCO Roaring Fork River below Maroon Creek near Aspen, CO
ROAEMMCO Roaring Fork River near Emma, CO
ROAGLECO Roaring Fork River at Glenwood Springs, CO
ROALMCCO Roaring Fork River above Lost Man Creek, CO
ROBTUNCO Roberts Tunnel at East Portal near Grant, CO
SFKDIVCO South Fork Diversion/Bypass, CO
SVCPLACO St. Vrain Creek at Mouth near Platteville, CO
TWITUNCO Twin Lakes Tunnel, CO
WILCANCO Willow Creek Pump Canal, CO
WILFORCO Williams Fork below Williams Fork Reservoir, CO
WILWCRCO Willow Creek below Willow Creek Reservoir, CO
WINBYPCO Wind River Bypass at East Portal near Estes Park, CO
WINDESCO Wind River near Estes Park, CO
WURDITCO Wurtz Ditch near Tennessee Pass, CO

Montana Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
ALFVALMT Alfalfa Valley Canal Diversion, MT
BABM St. Mary River near Babb, MT
BACK Battle Creek near Chinook, MT
BALM Beaverhead River at Anderson Lane, MT
BCHM Beaver Creek near Hinsdale, MT
BCIB Battle Creek at International Boundary
BDCM Badger Creek below Four Horns Canal near Browning, MT
BGBM Beaverhead River at Giem Bridge, MT
BHDM Big Hole River at Maiden Rock near Divide, MT
BHGM Big Hole River near Glen, MT
BHSX Bighorn River near St. Xavier, MT
BHWM Big Hole River below Mudd Creek near Wisdom, MT
BLDM Boulder River near Boulder, MT
BOCM Broken-O Canal, MT
BRDM Beaverhead River at Dillon, MT
BSCK Big Sandy Creek near Havre, MT
BVB Beaverhead River at Barretts, MT
BVTB Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, MT
CBKM Cut Bank Creek near Browning, MT
CFBM Clarks Fork Yellowstone River near Belfry, MT
CLCK Clear Creek near Chinook, MT
DODM Dodson Diversion Dam, MT
DPCM Dodson Pumps Canal, MT
DRMT Dearborn River near Craig, MT
DSCM Dodson South Canal, MT
FBCM Fort Belknap BIA Canal, MT
FRBM Frenchman River at International Boundary
FSDM Fort Shaw Diversion Dam near Simms, MT
FTBELKMT Ft. Belknap Canal Main Diversion, MT
GCRM Note Grinnell Creek near Many Glacier, MT
GHCM Grasshopper Creek at Bannack State Park, MT
GLASGOMT Glasgow Main Diversion, MT
GRGM Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway, MT
HARLEMMT Harlem Pump Main Diversion, MT
HAUM Missouri River below Hauser Dam, MT
HDHM Huntley Diversions near Huntley, MT
HOLM Missouri River below Holter Dam & Canyon Ferry Dam, MT
HSCM Harlem Secondary Canal, MT
JRMT Jefferson River near Twin Bridges, MT
LBHM Little Bighorn River near Hardin, MT
LBSM Little Bighorn River at State Line near Wyola, MT
LCBM Lodge Creek below McRae Creek at International Boundary
LGWM Lodge Grass Creek above Willow Creek near Wyola, MT
LIMR Red Rock River below Lima Reservoir, MT
LPPWCM Little Prickly Pear Creek at Wolf Creek, MT
MARI Marias River near Chester, MT
MARM Marias River near Shelby, MT
MCCM Milk River at Cree Crossing, MT
MCVM Muddy Creek at Vaughn, MT
MELM Big Hole River near Melrose, MT
MFBM Missouri River at Fort Benton, MT
MGFM Missouri River near Great Falls, MT
MHVM Milk River at Havre, MT
MRCM Madison River at Kirby Ranch near Cameron, MT
MRDM Milk River at Dodson, MT
MREC Milk River at Eastern Crossing near International Boundary
MRHM Milk River near Harlem, MT
MRMR Milk River at Milk River, Alberta
MRTM Milk River at Tampico, MT
MRWC Milk River at Western Crossing near International Boundary
MWYM Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT
NFMA North Fork Milk River above Canal near Browning, MT
NFMB North Fork Milk River near International Boundary, MT
NFSM North Fork Sun River near Augusta, MT
NELFDRMT Nelson Feeder Canal, MT
NNCM Nelson North Main Diversion, MT
NSCM Nelson South Canal, MT
PARDISMT Paradise Main Diversion, MT
PCCM Pondera County Canal, MT
PCDM Peoples Creek below Kuhr Coulee near Dodson, MT
PCHM Peoples Creek near Hays, MT
RRAM Ruby River above Reservoir near Alder, MT
RRBM Ruby River below Reservoir near Alder, MT
RRCM Red Rock Creek above Lakes near Lakeview, MT
SCSM Note Swiftcurrent Creek at Sherburne, MT
SFKSM South Fork Sun River near Augusta, MT
SFMM South Fork Milk River near Babb, MT
SMGM Swiftcurrent Creek at Many Glacier, MT
SMIM St. Mary River Canal at Intake near Babb, MT
SMLM Smith River below Eagle Creek near Fort Logan, MT
SRAM Stillwater River near Absarokee, MT
SRBM Sun River at Augusta Bridge, MT
SRDM Sun River Diversion Dam, MT
SREM Sun River below Elk Creek, MT
SRLM Shields River near Livingston, MT
SRLY Shoshone River near Lovell, WY
SRSM Sun River at Simms, MT
STMB St. Mary River at International Boundary, MT
STMC St. Mary Canal at St. Mary Crossing near Babb, MT
TETM Teton River near Dutton, MT
TMRM Two Medicine River below South Fork near Browning, MT
TRDM Tongue River at Tongue River Dam near Decker, MT
TRLM Teton River at Loma, MT
TRMT Tongue River at State Line near Decker, MT
WCFM Willow Creek Feeder Canal, MT
WISM Big Hole River below Big Lake Creek at Wisdom, MT
YRCM Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs, MT
YRFM Yellowstone River at Forsyth, MT
YRLM Yellowstone River near Livingston, MT
ZURICHMT Zurich Main Diversion, MT

Nebraska-Kansas Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
ALKS Almena Diversion Dam, KS
BANE Bartley Canal, NE
BAWNE Bartley Canal, Wasteway, NE
BCBCNE Beaver Creek at Beaver City, NE
BDNE Bartley Diversion, NE
CAWNE Cambridge Canal, Wasteway, NE
CCFRNE Center Creek at Franklin, NE
CCKS Cawker City Dike, KS
CCNE Courtland Canal (Mile 0.7), NE
CDNE Cambridge Diversion, NE
CONE Courtland Canal at State Line, NE
CUNE Culbertson Canal (0.53 Mile), NE
DCABNE Mirdan Canal Inlet to Davis Creek Dam, NE
DUNE Dunlap Diversion, NE
ECAMNE Elm Creek at Amboy, NE
FCABNE Frenchman Creek above Enders Reservoir, NE
FCWDCNE Franklin Canal, Wasteway at Dry Creek, NE
FPNE Franklin Pump Canal, NE
FRNE Franklin Canal, NE
FUNE Fullerton Canal below Davis Creek Dam, NE
KDNE Kent Diversion, NE
LCKS Lower Courtland Canal (Mile 38.0), KS
LVABKS Courtland Canal Inlet to Lovewell Reservoir, KS
MCABNE Medicine Creek above Harry Strunk Lake, NE
MCARNE Muddy Creek at Arapahoe, NE
MCBLNE Medicine Creek below Harry Strunk Lake, NE
MCNE Mirdan Canal, Calamus Dam, NE
MDNE Meeker-Driftwood Canal, NE
MDWNE Meeker-Driftwood Canal, Wasteway, NE
NPNE Naponee Canal, NE
OSKS Osborne Canal, KS
RPRVNE Republican River near Riverton, NE
RWABNE Red Willow Creek above Hugh Butler Lake, NE
RWNE Red Willow Diversion Dam, NE
SOAWKS South Fork Solomon River above Webster, KS
SOGEKS Solomon River near Glen Elder, KS
SOGLKS North Fork Solomon River at Glade, KS
SOOSKS South Fork Solomon River at Osborne, KS
SOPRKS North Fork Solomon River at Portis, KS
SPNE Superior Canal, NE
SWNE Stinking Water Creek at Palisade, NE
TCEDNE Turkey Creek at Edison, NE
TCNPNE Turkey Creek at Naponee, NE
TCRVNE Thompson Creek at Riverton, NE

Oklahoma - Texas Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
ANAD Washita River near Anadarko, OK
ARWT Atascosa River at Whitsett, TX
CARE North Fork Red River near Carter, OK
COBC Cobb Creek near Eakley, OK
CRBT Canadian River near Amarillo (HWY 87 & 287), TX
DUKT Dover Creek at Knickerbocker, TX
FRDT Frio River near Derby, TX
FRTT Frio River at Tilden, TX
FRUT Frio River below Dry Frio River near Uvalde, TX
HCHT Hondo Creek at King Waterhole near Hondo, TX
MBGT Middle Concho River near Barnhart (Hwy 163), TX
MUTT Middle Concho above Tankersely, TX
NCOT Nueces River at Cotulla, TX
NRBT Nueces River at Bluntzer, TX
NRMT Nueces River near Mathis, TX
NRTT Nueces River near Tilden, TX
NTRT Nueces River near Three Rivers, TX
RCSOK Rock Creek near Sulphur, OK
SAYR North Fork Red River near Sayre, OK
SHAM North Fork Red River near Shamrock, TX
SMTT San Miguel Creek near Tilden, TX
SNYD Otto Creek near Snyder, OK
SRST Sabinal River at Sabinal, TX
SUCT South Concho River at Christoval, TX
SUKT Sweetwater Creek near Kelton, TX
SUTT Spring Creek above Tankersley, TX
WASCH Washita River near Cheyenne, OK
WRSH Sweetwater Creek near Sweetwater, OK

Wyoming Area Office Canals and Stream Gaging Stations
Click for graphs of current reservoir conditions by state (where available):
Code Name
ADNE Akers Draw Diversion into Tri-State Canal, NE
AINE Lake Alice Reservoir Inflow
BBWY Bighorn River at Basin, WY
BCWY Bluff Canal, WY
BHDY Bighorn Canal Diversion Dam, WY
BHRW Bighorn River near Worland, WY
BHWY Big Horn Canal, WY
BLAY Bull Lake Creek above Bull Lake Reservoir, WY
BLCK Bull Lake Creek below Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, WY
CAWY Casper Canal, WY
CCWY Cherry Creek Drain, WY
CDCY Note Cody Canal South Fork of Shoshone River, WY
DCBY Dinwoody Creek above Lakes near Burris, WY
DCCY Dry Creek Canal near Burris, WY
DSNE Dry Spotted Tail Diversion into Tri-State Canal
FCNE Fort Laramie Canal at Mile Post 85.3 (Parshall), NE
FCWY Fort Laramie Canal at Mile Post 0.8, WY
FLWY Laramie River near Fort Laramie, WY
FMSY Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni, WY
GFNE Gering Canal-Badlands Parshall Flume, NE
GGWY North Platte River below Gray Reef Reservoir, WY
GLWY North Platte River below Glendo Dam, WY
GOWY North Platte River below Guernsey Dam, WY
GRMY Greybull River at Meeteetse, WY
GRWY North Platte River near Glenrock, WY
HANE Highline Canal above Minatare Diversion, NE
HDNE Highline Canal, NE
HEWY North Platte River at WY-NE State Line, WY
HHWY Highland Hanover Canal, WY
HMNE Highline Canal below Diversion, NE
HMWY Highland Madden Canal, WY
HWWY Highland West Canal, WY
HXWY Highland East Canal, WY
ICWY Interstate Canal at Mile Post 1.0, WY
ILLRANCO Illinois River near Rand, CO
JHNY Johnstown Ditch at Headworks near Kinnear, WY
KCWY Kirby Canal, WY
KDWY Katzer Drain, WY
KOWY North Platte River below Kortes Reservoir, WY
LCCY LeClair Diversion Canal, WY
LHDY Lefthand Ditch at Headworks near Riverton, WY
LHWY Lower Hanover Canal, WY
LKVY Note Lake View Canal South Fork Shoshone, WY
LPLY Little Popo Agie River near Lander, WY
LPWY Lucerne Pumps (Upper and Lower), WY
LWRV Little Wind River near Riverton, WY
LWWY South Fork Little Wind River above Washakie Reservoir near Fort Washakie, WY
MBWY Medicine Bow River above Seminoe Reservoir near Hanna, WY
MCWY Muddy Creek near Shoshoni, WY
MGNE Mitchell Gering Canal near State Line, NE
MINE Lake Minatare Reservoir (Inflow), NE
MONE Lake Minatare Reservoir (Outflow), NE
MPWY Middle Popo Agie River below Sinks near Lander, WY
NFNE Northport Canal at Red Willow Flume, NE
NFS North Fork Shoshone River near Wapiti, WY
NFWY North Fork Little Wind River near Fort Washakie, WY
NGCL North Platte River near Northgate, CO
NPCW North Platte River at Casper, WY
NPOW North Platte River at Orin, WY
OCAW Owl Creek at Arapahoe Ranch, WY
OLWY Ocean Lake Drain at Ocean Lake Outlet near Pavillion, WY
ORWY North Platte River at Orin Junction, WY
PAWY North Platte River below Pathfinder Dam, WY
PCPB Pilot Canal below Pilot Butte Reservoir, WY
RCWY Rawhide Creek near Lingle, WY
RVCY Riverton Valley Diversion Canal, WY
SCNE Sheep Creek Diversion into Tri-State Canal
SCWY Shell Creek near Shell, WY
SFOC South Fork Owl Creek, WY
SFOY South Fork Owl Creek above Anchor, WY
SFS South Fork Shoshone River above Buffalo Bill Reservoir, WY
SFVY South Fork Shoshone River near Valley, WY
SIWY North Platte River above Seminoe Reservoir near Sinclair, WY
SRWY Shoshone River at Willwood Dam, WY
SRBB Shoshone River below Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody, WY
SRLY Shoshone River near Lovell, WY
SWWY Sweetwater River near Independence Rock, WY
TDNE Tub Springs Diversion into Tri-State Canal
TSNE North Platte River Passing TRi-State Dam, NE
UHWY Upper Hanover Canal, WY
WDDY Wind River Diversion Dam, WY
WHWY North Platte River below Whalen Dam near Guernsey, WY
WRBD Wind River below Boysen Dam, WY
WRCH Wind River near Crowheart, WY
WRDY Note Wind River above Red Creek near Dubois, WY
WRKY Wind River near Kinnear, WY
WRNE Winters Creek Reservoir, NE (Outflow)
WRRY Wind River at Riverton, WY
WRSY Wind River above Boysen near Shoshoni, WY
WRWD Wind River below Wyoming Diversion Dam, WY
WSNE Wet Spotted Tail Diversion into Tri-State Canal
WYCY Wyoming Canal 1/4 mile below Diversion Dam, WY

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Last Updated: June 23, 2014

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