Archive Station list for Colorado

The location is in the leftmost column. The codes under each location are for the measured parameters.

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Adams Tunnel, Colorado

Apishapa, Colorado - Elevation 10000

Arkansas River above Pueblo Reservoir

Arkansas River above Salida, Colorado

Arkansas River at Canyon City, Colorado

Arkansas River at Grainite, Colorado

Arkansas River at Las Animas, Colorado

Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir

Arkansas River near Avondale, Colorado

Arkansas River near Nathrop, Colorado

Arkansas River near Nepesta, Colorado

Arkansas River near Wellsville, Colorado

Arrow, Colorado

Bear Lake, Colorado

Berthoud Summit, Colorado

Big Thompson River above Canyon Mouth at Cedar Cove, Colorado

Big Thompson River above Lake Estes, Colorado

Big Thompson River at Canyon Mouth, Colorado (see BTCAN)

Big Thompson River at Drake, Colorado

Big Thompson River below Lake Estes, Colorado

Blue River below Dillion, Colorado

Blue River below Green Mt. Reservoir, Colorado

Bonny Lake, Colorado

Brumley, Colorado

Busk-Ivanhoe Tunnel, Colorado

Cache La Poudre River at Canyon Mouth, Colorado

Carter Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Carter Lake near Loveland, Colorado

Chapman Creek Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Charles H. Boustead Tunnel, Colorado

Charles Hanses Feeder Canal Wasteway to Big Thompson

Colorado River below Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Colorado River below Granby Reservoir, Colorado

Colorado River near Colorado-Utah State line (CCUC)

Colorado River near Dotsero, Colorado

Colorado River near Kremmling, Colorado

Colorado River near Palisade, Colorado

Columbine Ditch, Colorado

Columbine, Colorado

Copeland Lake, Colorado

Deadman Hill, Colorado

Denver Roberts Tunnel, Colorado

Dillon, Colorado

Eagle River below Gypsum, Colorado

Elk River, Colorado

Elliot Creek Canal near Green Mountain Reservoir, Colorado

Ewing Ditch, Colorado

Fountain Creek near Pinon, Colorado

Fremont Pass, Colorado

Fryingpan River at Thomasville, Colorado

Fryingpan River Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Fryingpan River near Ruedi, Colorado

Ft. Lyon Storage Canal, Colorado

Granby Reservoir, Colorado (see GRANBYR)

Granite Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Green Mountian Reservoir, Colorado (see GMRC)

Grizzly Peak, Colorado

Halfmoon Creek near Malta, Colorado

Half Moon Diversion, Colorado

Homestake Tunnel, Colorado

Hoosier Pass, Colorado

Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado (SCADA)

Hunter Creek Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Illinois River near Rand, Colorado

Independence Pass, Colorado

Ivanhoe, Colorado

Ivanhoe Creek Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Joe Wright, Colorado

John Martin Reservoir at Caddoa, Colorado

Kiln, Colorado

Lake Creek above Twin Lake, Colorado

Lake Creek below Twin Lake, Colorado

Lake Eldora, Colorado

Lake Fork Creek near Merdith, Colorado

Lake Fork Creek, Colorado

Lake Henry Reservoir, Colorado

Lake Irene, Colorado

Marys Lake, Colorado (SCADA)

Meredith Reservoir, Colorado

Meredith, Colorado (Climatology) (MRDC)

Middle Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Midway Creek Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Mormon Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Mormon Control House Weather Station, Colorado

Mount Elbert Forebay, Colorado

Nast Lake, Colorado

Niwot, Colorado

No Name Creek Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

Northgate Raingage, Colorado

North Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

North Fork Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

North Platte River near Northgate, Colorado

Old Battle Creek, Colorado

Olympus Dam near Estes Park, Colorado

Olympus Tunnel, Colorado

Phantom Valley, Colorado

Pinewood Reservoir, Loveland, Colorado

Plateau Creek near Cameo, Colorado

Pueblo Reservoir, Arkansas River near Pueblo, Colorado

Purgatorie River at Madrid, Colorado

Purgatorie River at Ninemile Dam near Higbee, Colorado

Purgatorie River at Trinidad, Colorado

Purgatorie River below Trinidad Reservoir, Colorado.

Purgatorie River near Las Animas, Colorado

Purgatorie River near Thatcher, Colorado

Roach, Colorado

Roaring Fork River at Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Roaring Fork River near Aspen, Colorado

Ruedi Reservoir near Basalt, Colorado

Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Colorado (see SHDMTR)

South Fork Diversion/Bypass, Colorado

St. Vrain, Colorado

Stillwater Creek, Colorado

Tower, Colorado

Turquoise Lake (Sugarloaf Dam), Colorado

Twin Lakes Reservoir, Colorado

Twin Lakes Tunnel, Colorado

University Camp, Colorado

Willow Creek Pump Canal, Colorado

Willow Creek Reservoir, Colorado

Willow Creek Summit, Colorado

Willow Creek below Willow Creek Reservoir, Colorado

Willow Park, Colorado

Wind River near Estes Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado (Climate)

Wurtz near Tennessee Pass, Colorado

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