Tab 1 - Brief History of the Bureau of Reclamation

Tab 2 - Great Plains Regional Managers

Tab 3 - Projects and Offices

  1. Our Legacy, Who We Are and What We Provide
  2. A Map of Facilities in the Great Plains Region
  3. The Great Plains Region - An Overview

Tab 4 - Equal Opportunity (EEO)

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy & Zero Tolerance of Discrimination
  2. Equal Opportunity and Zero Tolerance of Discriminatory Harassment
  3. EEO Counselors (EEO) Staff
  4. Presidential Guidelines on Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace
  5. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
  6. Commissioner Memo

Tab 5 - Government Policies

  1. Basic Ethics Do's and Don'ts
  2. Ethics Guide
  3. Ethical Responsibilities
  4. BOR Rules of Behavior for IT systems
  5. Clarification to Telephone Use Policy (Cellular Telephones and Wireless Telecommunication Services)
  6. DOI Policy on Limited Personal use of government Office Equipment & Telephone Use
  7. Responsibility and Control of Government Property
  8. Rules of Behavior for Personal Devices
  9. Prohibition on Texting While Driving
  10. Official use of Government-owned or -Leased Motor Vehicles
  11. Tribal Trust Asset Litigation and Related Records Management Procedures

Tab 6 - Employee Orientation

  1. Great Plains Region Organization Chart
  2. New Employee Information Memorandum
  3. Human Resources Consultation/Advisory Services
  4. Payroll Schedule
  5. eOPF Quick Reference for Employees
  6. Within Grades (WIGI's)
  7. NOTICE - Leave and Earnings Statement
  8. Earnings and Leave Statement and Electronic Distribution of Earnings and Leave Statements
  9. DOI Learning Management System (DOI LEARN)
  10. Employee Development Review
  11. Individual Development Plan for All Employees
  12. Individual Development Plan for Supervisors/Managers
  13. Performance Appraisal Handbook

Tab 7 - Employee Benefits

  1. Employees New to the Federal Government
  2. Federal Employee Benefits System (FEBS) at Employee Express
  3. About Employee Express
  4. Employee Handout/Information Sheet Deposit Service
  5. Employee Handout/Information Sheet Redeposit Service
  6. Employee Handout Deposits for Post 56 Military Service
  7. Employee Handout CSRS & FERS Deciding Whether to Waive Military Retiree Pay
  8. Employee Handout Benefits and Entitlements of USERRA
  9. Federal Benefits Fast Facts
  10. Flexible Spending Accounts
  11. Life Insurance
  12. Health Insurance
  13. Long Term Care Insurance
  14. Thrift Savings Plan
  15. Salary Debt Information
  16. Great Plains Region Wellness Program Policy
  17. Payment for Professional Credentials/Payment for Professional Credentials Approval Form
  18. Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS)

Tab 8 - Employee Leave

  1. Types Of Leave
  2. Family-Friendly Leave Policies for Federal Employees
  3. Your Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  4. OPM Form 71, Request for Leave or Approved Absences
  5. Employee Handout Effect of Extended Leave Without Pay (LWOP) (or Other Nonpay Status) on Federal Benefits
  6. Questions and Answers on the President's Memorandum on Expanded Family and Medical Leave Policies

Tab 9 - Travel/Charge Card

  1. Charge Card Statement Checklist
  2. JPMorgan Chase Statement
  3. Exemptions From Mandatory Use of Government Issued Bank Card

Tab 10 - Work Hours/Attendance

  1. Alternative Work Schedules (AWS)
  2. Alternative Flexible Work Schedule
  3. Work Schedules
  4. Telework (Sept 2012)
  5. Telework Agreement

Tab 11 - Security

  1. Safety for All GP Region Employees

Tab 12 - General Information

  1. Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations
  2. Internet Sites and Addresses

For further information contact:  Amber Poynter,, (406) 247-7772 or Human Resources at (406) 247-7728.

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