Ruedi Dam is where the weather station has been installed.
(Above) A weather station was recently installed at Ruedi Dam.

The Weather Station at Ruedi Reservoir

Welcome to the Ruedi Reservoir Weather Station. From this page, you can gain real-time data about current weather conditions and reservoir elevations.

The weather station was recently installed at the west end of Ruedi Reservoir, at the dam. It uses the Hydromet system to relay information. While the weather station does not itself measure water elevations at the reservoir, because Hydromet does, this page makes that information easily available, too.

The Ruedi Weather Station provides information on eight separate parameters: Water elevation, Storage Content (in acre-feet), Precipitation, Air Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Relative Humidity, and Dew Point.

Each parameter can be viewed separately using a link below. Water elevation and Storage Content are viewed in a table displaying the last 31 days, including today. The other parameters are viewable in a table displaing the past four days, including today.

Last Updated: 3/20/15