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Looking west across a half full Pueblo Reservoir. Water in foreground. Mountains in background.
(Above) Pueblo Reservoir has likely reached its peak water level elevation for the season.
A cactus blooms in pink below Pueblo Dam.
(Above) It's spring time at Pueblo Dam and Reservoir!

Pueblo Reservoir

Reclamation has moved into summer conditions across the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project.

Water Operations

Pueblo reached its peak elevation for the spring and summer season in May. Although, physically it is just about 60% full, please keep in mind that the flood control space in the upper reaches of the reservoir's pool is kept empty on purpose. Unlike most of our reservoirs, Pueblo is authorized for flood control.

If we were to remove the flood control space from the total storage of Pueblo, the high mark for water in the reservoir at the beginning of the season would have been closer to 87% full.

To track how we and other reservoir operators are moving water down the Arkansas River throughout the year, please visit the Arkansas Headwaters Association water operations page.

Pueblo RMP

In February, Reclamation and Colorado Parks & Wildlife closed the public scoping period for the revision to the Lake Pueblo State Park Resource Management Plan.

Comments received from the public help Reclamation and CPW identify important management actions for both the State Park and the State Wildlife Area. That same input also helps Reclamation identify the scope of the Environmental Assessment that accompanies the RMP.

Reclamation and CPW are spending the spring and summer analyzing the comments and writing the reports. It is anticipated that the draft RMP and Environmental Assessment will be ready for public comment by late summer or early fall.

To be added to the Fry-Ark operations e-mail notification list for Turquoise and Twin Lakes, or for Pueblo, please contact Kara Lamb. Also, please visit us on Facebook.

Current Events and Additional Information
  • Displays from the Lake Pueblo State Park RMP public open house are available on our Pueblo Resource Management Plan page.
  • Information on the Record of Decision for the Arkansas Valley Conduit is available on the AVCEIS web site. Be sure to check it out!
  • To track environmental processes for the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project, please visit our NEPA page.
  • Fishing is once again allowed off the earthen sections of Pueblo Dam. To learn more, please contact Kara Lamb.
  • To access the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project's 50th Anniversary film special, "50 years of Golden Benefits, visit us on You Tube."


Last Updated: June 25, 2014

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