Interest in Bidding

For those contractors interested in doing business with the Government, they may complete and submit either the Vendor Information Sheet or go to the Central Contracting Registration site at (need Adobe Acrobat Reader). The information provided is then entered into a computerized vendor listing classified by the codes provided. Once on the computerized vendor listing, your firm should receive IFBs (Invitation for Bids) and RFPs (Requests for Proposals) as requirements develop for supplies or services on which you have indicated a desire to bid. When your firm receives a solicitation (IFB, RFP), a bid or proposal should be submitted to this office or you should inform us that you are unable to bid at this time, but wish to remain on the active vendors list.

These may be faxed to (406) 247-7798, or mailed to:

Bureau of Reclamation
Great Plains Region
GP-3800 (Black Eagle)
P.O. Box 36900
Billings MT 59107-6900

To request a copy of a solicitation package, contact

Last Updated: 3/19/15