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As of June 17, 2005

Acquisition Services Group (GP-3800) is one group within Business Resources (GP-3000). Site
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The Acquisition Services Group is responsible for providing Federal Acquisition Regulation based contracting assistance for the Great Plains Regional Office and purchase actions for the six (6) Area Offices when requirements exceed area office warrant authority; contracting assistance is for acquiring goods and services, including construction, required to perform day-to-day operations throughout the Region. The group provides contracting assistance through various methods of Acquisition. Simplified Acquisition includes all purchases up to $100,000, which is set-aside for small businesses. Information for Bid and Request for Proposals (IFB/RFP) contracting involves all acquisitions above the $100,000 threshold. This work generally includes construction, supplies and services.

The ten (10) staff members of GP-3800 consist of the GS-1102 Chief of Contracting Office (CCO)/Supervisory Contract Specialist, eight (8) GS-1102 Contract Specialists , and one (1) GS-1106 Procurement Technician.

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