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Table of Contents Volume I - Policies, Procedures and Responsibilities
Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 7 - Vital Records
Chapter 2 - Files Management Concepts Chapter 8 - Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery
Chapter 3 - Subject Files Chapter 9 - Filing Procedures
Chapter 4 - Case Files Chapter 10 - Records Disposition
Chapter 5 - Transitory Files Chapter 11 - Library Materials
Chapter 6 - Classification Chapter 12 - Litigation Holds
Glossary Revision Transmittals

Table of Contents Volume II - Records Retention Schedules
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Subject Index
Chapter 3 - Projects and Features
Chapter 4 - Records Common to Most Offices
Chapter 5 - Transitory Files
Chapter 6 - Schedules
Chapter 7 - Electronic Systems Management
Chapter 8 - 2010 Code Changes

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