Financial Business Management System

Schedule of Project Phases

Reclamation implemented FBMS in November 2013. Getting to the go-live date was a complicated process that took more than a year to accomplish.

Reclamation is the last bureau in the Department of Interior to implement FBMS. This is the eighth deployment of the system. With each deployment, changes were made to the system to accommodate the bureaus in that deployment. In some cases, these changes affected bureaus that went live previously. Since Reclamation is the last bureau to go live, any changes we require to the existing system must not cause problems for other bureaus. Because of this, a lot of thought and analysis has to go into every phase to ensure that any tweaks we make won't negatively affect other bureaus.

Reclamation is currently in the Go-Live phase

Arrow and 5 boxes depicting the 5 project phases of the FBMS deployment

FBMS Project Phases

  1. Project Preparation – Reclamation began project preparation activities in early 2011, developing project management teams and governance councils and selecting regional coordinators and subject matter experts from the regions and field offices to assist with planning and analysis. Our official project start was March 2012.
  2. Blueprinting – This is the design phase, during which Reclamation ensured that the system will meet the unique requirements of the bureau. A change made for Reclamation could have repercussions for other bureaus, so the meetings were Department-wide to ensure all bureaus were on board. These meetings were completed in July and August of 2012.
  3. Realization – Realization began in August 2012. During realization, Reclamation began cleansing and converting old data and programming interfaces that will exist between FBMS and legacy systems. This phase also includes role mapping for users of the new system and the creation of training plans for those users.
  4. Final Preparation – Final Prep includes testing the system and conducting user training.
  5. Go-Live – Go live occurs in early November 2013 and will be considered complete in early 2014.


Last Updated: 6/15/15