Financial Business Management System


Faster system improves financial processes

ETA Newsletter, Summer 2011

With older financial systems falling slowly behind, the implementation of a new, faster system has become crucial to the functionality of Reclamation’s business processes and those throughout the rest of the Department of the Interior (DOI). In order to replace these systems, Reclamation has initiated a shift to the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS).

In order to streamline and integrate financial and administrative functions across all bureaus within Interior, the FBMS will eliminate the need for the more than 80 DOI and bureau systems currently in operation.

Aging systems -- some now more than two decades old -- have become costly to maintain and operate for many bureaus. Shifting to the department-wide FBMS will result in a reduction of double data entry in multiple systems and a decrease in manual paper processing as the older systems are retired.

A kick-off workshop for Reclamation’s FBMS was held May 16 and 17. The workshop brought together more than 100 employees responsible for budget, acquisition and other administrative functions from all Reclamation regions to discuss the upcoming FBMS deployment.

Workshops are continuing through the summer and are slated to end September 12. Planning, deployment and system changes are scheduled to continue into January of 2014.


Last Updated: 6/15/15