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For general questions about FBMS, please use our FBMS email hotline.

For specific questions about your region, please contact the FBMS point of contact for your region.

FBMS Points of Contact

Ed Abreo Reclamation FBMS Project Manager 303-445-2701
Shelly Wiser Change Management 801-524-3659
Erica Jackson Pacific Northwest 208-378-5068
Susan May Mid-Pacific 916-978-5018
Suzanne Grinsted Lower Colorado 702-293-8452
Lisa Iams Upper Colorado 801-524-3660
Lisa Fields Great Plains 406-247-7677
Sarah Mitchell Denver Office / Washington Office 303-445-3421

Not sure what region you are in? Check out the map below for a rough guideline.

Simplified map of the Reclamation regions showing major cities.

Page last updated: February 13, 2013