Financial Business Management System

The Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) is an integrated suite of software applications designed to streamline financial and administrative functions across all Department of Interior bureaus. Implementing FBMS will allow Interior to incorporate its financial and business process management into a single solution.

As a result, FBMS will streamline customer and vendor transactions, reduce errors, and simplify tasks. With all data residing in one system, employees will have access to consistent, real-time information that allows them to perform their jobs and serve our customers more effectively and efficiently.

Reclamation is the last entity within Interior to be converting over its numerous financial and administrative systems into FBMS. Interior started this process in 2003. When fully deployed across Interior by November 2013, FBMS will replace and/or integrate 160 of the Department's 162 legacy business systems and subsystems. 

The implementation of FBMS is enabling Interior and Reclamation to ensure efficient and careful use of limited resources leading to mission excellence and delivery of the best possible performance for the American people.

Current Status

Reclamation's new Financial and Business Management System went live November 7, 2013.

Reclamation is the last bureau within the Department of the Interior to adopt FBMS. This site will keep you updated on our progress and provide news about the project.

The FBMS team is currently:

  • Preparing for Year-End closing
  • Continuing production support
  • Continuing user training

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Glossary of FBMS Terms

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Former Commissioner Connor Discusses FBMS at the 2013 Family Farm Alliance Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 21, 2013.

transcript is available.


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