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Functional Area: Research and Laboratory Services

Executive Sponsor
David Achterberg, Acting Director, Security, Safety and Law Enforcement

Reclamation maintains several Research and Laboratory Services, including an agency-wide, cost sharing, competition-based Research and Development (R&D) program and other laboratories.   Action items under this area will determine both internal and external laboratory capabilities and appropriate capabilities to be conducted by Reclamation.

Concept Paper

Item No.
Action Item Time Frame Team Leader Results
32 Determine where opportunities exist for use of federal and non-federal lab services. More 3/2006 - 01/2007 Cliff Pugh Available
33 Determine where opportunities exist for retaining, consolidating and/or eliminating lab services within the TSC and regions. More 6/2006 - 12/2006 Cliff Pugh Available
34 Continue implementation of PART goals for R&D: produce a 10:1 return on program R&D investment; Increase partnership cost-share, Increase Technology Transfer. 3/2006 - 12/2007 Dennis Breitzman Available
35 Re-evaluate the (S&T) Program Steering Committee’s charge to increase opportunities to meet mission-core R&D needs in the future. 3/2006 - 01/2007 Dennis Breitzman Available
36 Assess the National Academy of Sciences’ review of the role of federal desalination R&D and consider recommendations. 10/2007 - 12/2007 Dennis Breitzman Available

Last Updated: March 21, 2008