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Functional Area: Relationships with Customers and Other Stakeholders

Executive Sponsor
Brenda Burman, Deputy Commissioner for External and Intergovernmental Affairs

Reclamation must consider a broad array of stakeholders who have important contributions and perspectives to ensure that the service it provides its customers represents significant economic value for the American public.

Concept Paper

Item No.
Action Item Time Frame Team Leader Results
1 Strengthen interaction with customers and other stakeholders at national, regional, and project levels to address Bureau-wide issues. More Ongoing Lorri Gray Available
2 Ensure that the Reclamation Manual policies and directives and standards are readily available on the internet. More 03/2006 - 05/2006 Karl Stock


3 Revise Reclamation’s centralized policy development process to require appropriate incorporation of the Secretary’s 4C’s, transparency, and value into Reclamation Manual policies, directives, and standards. More 03/2006 - 05/2006 Jim Kinney

Last Updated: March 21, 2008