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Functional Area: Asset Sustainment

Executive Sponsor
Kirk Rodgers, Mid-Pacific Regional Director

Reclamation’s workload involves the effective management of its vast infrastructure inventory.  As a result, the greatest efficiencies to be gained within the agency, and the most important leadership decisions to be made, will be based on a thorough analysis of how this infrastructure is to be managed.

Concept Paper

Item No.
Action Item Time Frame Team Leader Results
25 Establish and implement a standard, agency-wide process for evaluating and communicating the current financial circumstances of all Reclamation infrastructure, including cost invested, repayment status, O&M cost allocation, design life, facility condition, etc. More 3/2006 - 10/2006 Efraim Escalante
26 Determine where opportunities exist for beneficial transfer of O&M responsibility to water users and implement them. More 3/2007 - 6/2007 Randy Chandler Available
27 Determine where opportunities exist for beneficial outsourcing of O&M for reserved works and implement them. More 3/2007 - 9/2007 Randy Chandler Available
28 Determine where opportunities exist for mutually beneficial transfer of title to project sponsors in order to eliminate Reclamation’s responsibility and costs for those facilities, and encourage any that are appropriate. More 3/2007 - 6/2007 Randy Chandler Available
29 Analyze effectiveness of current O&M planning (does it square with the Bureau Asset Mgmt Plan, and is it is being done agency-wide). More 3/2006 - 9/2006 Randy Chandler Available
30 Integrate O&M planning with the budgeting process (analyze the extent to which the current BRC process accomplishes this). More 5/2006 - 2/2007 Randy Chandler Available
31 Benchmark O&M of water storage and distribution facilities in a manner modeled after current practices with power facilities, starting with pilot program. More 6/2006 - 6/2007 Mike Roluti

Last Updated: March 21, 2008