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The Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability (ETA) website is another way for the public and the Reclamation staff to receive current information on the Bureau's efforts to implement the recommendations of the Managing for Excellence initiative, as well as other activities related to ETA at Reclamation. This website, along with other media avenues, such as the newsletter, press releases, reports and email will keep stakeholders and employees up to date with the latest ETA information.

Cover of the December 2013 ETA CoverReclamation is Managing for Excellence

We are often asked what has happened with the efforts under taken as a part of the Managing for Excellence (M4E) initiative that Reclamation, through its employees, customers and other stakeholders invested significant effort instigating the 2004 M4E Action Plan and ensuring that the recommendations to improve Reclamation business practices were implemented.

As a result of M4E effort, Reclamation adopted a new business model to provide agency-wide processes and procedures for managing and obtaining engineering and other technical services in collaboration with customers, and ensuring the maintenance of the technical capability necessary to accomplish Reclamation's mission.

Implementation of the new business model is overseen by a select team, the Coordination and Oversight Group (COG), with representatives from each appropriate area of the organization. Performance measures are being established for the working business model. One feature of the performance measurement process is to create a software system to provide project management tools for service provider offices and to allow the collection of key measurement data. Development of the software is underway.

The health of Reclamation's technical capabilities is another key performance measurement overseen by the COG. The COG's Technical Capability Report, as well as additional information on the COG is at http://www.usbr.gov/bp/. The COG will soon finalize its first full annual report which will assess our performance for Fiscal Year 2010.

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Last Updated: 12/23/13