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DEC Contacts

The following contacts work together to support accomplishment of the DEC oversight process:

DEC Oversight and Value Program Office (Denver Office):
  Bruce C. Muller, Jr., P.E.
Senior Advisor - Design, Estimating and Construction/Dam Safety Officer
Telephone:  (303) 445-2986
Fax:  303-445-6693

Mailing Address:

Bureau of Reclamation
DEC Oversight and Value Program Office
PO Box 25007, Denver Federal Center, 86-71000
Denver, Colorado  80225-0007

Express Mailing Address:

Bureau of Reclamation
DEC Oversight and Value Program Office
  Attention:  86-71000
Sixth and Kipling, Building 67, Room 152
Denver, Colorado  80225-0007
Manager, DEC Oversight and VP Office
Telephone:  (303) 445-?
Fax:  303-445-6693

  Joy Knipps
Program Analyst
Telephone:  (303) 445-2108
Fax:  303-445-6693

  Sandra (Sandy) Green
Telephone:  (303) 445-3755
Fax:  303-445-6693

DEC Regional Coordinators:
  Christopher Cuhaciyan (Acting)
PNRO Program Coordinator
Telephone:  (208) 378-5114
Fax:  208-378-5305
Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Regional Office
Resource and Technical Services
1150 North Curtis Road, Suite 100, PN-3030
Boise, Idaho  83706-1234

  David Gore (Acting)
Supervisory, General Engineer
Telephone:  (916) 978-5302
Fax:  916-978-5345
Bureau of Reclamation
Mid-Pacific Regional Office
Division of Design and Construction
2800 Cottage Way, MP-200
Sacramento, California  95825-1898

  Patrick (Scott) Tincher
Regional Engineer
Telephone:  (702) 293-8553
Fax:  702-293-8330
Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado Regional Office
Engineering Services Office
PO Box 61470, LC-6010
Boulder City, Nevada  89006-1470

  Weidong (Wayne) Xia
Telephone:  (801) 524-3702
Fax:  801-524-3826
Bureau of Reclamation
Upper Colorado Regional Office
Technical Services and Dams Division
125 South State Street, Room 6107, UC-200
Salt Lake City, Utah  84138-1147

  Norris (David) Skinner
Civil Engineer
Telephone:  (406) 247-7653
Fax:  406-247-7898
Bureau of Reclamation
Great Plains Regional Office
Infrastructure and Engineering Services Group
PO Box 36900, GP-2200
Billings, Montana  59101-1362

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