• Red Rocks with water in front of them in the desert.
  • Clouds behind Joshua Tree and bushes.
  • Desert flowers blooming in bushes in front of mountains in the desert.
  • Setting sun reflecting of clouds of orange and blue behind a joshua tree.
  • Hoover Dam intake towers with water behind the dam showing that it is not full.


The Desert LCC Local Governments Working Group (LGWG) was formed to provide an avenue of communication for discussing local government activities and perspectives related to landscape scale conservation, as well as disseminating relevant science and information that helps meet LCC goals. For this purpose of this charter, local governments are defined to include individual counties and cities, state associations of local governments and umbrella organizations of groups of local governments, tribes, and other governmental units with an interest and connection to DLCC activities, e.g., resource conservation districts and water or irrigation districts, in the U.S. and Mexico.


Annual Work Plan


Duane Pool, Landscape Ecologist - Rocky Mountain Bird Obsevatory

David Palumbo, Deputy Regional Director, Lower Colorado Region - Bureau of Reclamation

Gerald Hiller, Executive Director - QuadState Local Government Authority

Armand Gonzales, Special Advisor; Chief, Climate Science and Renewable Energy Branch - California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Howard Hutchinson, Executive Director - Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties for Stable Economic Growth

Brian Powell - Program Manager, Pima County Office of Sustainability and Conservation

Les Owen, New Mexico Department of Agriculture

Rick LoBello - Education Curator, El Paso Zoo

Updated: May 15, 2015