• Red Rocks with water in front of them in the desert.
  • Clouds behind Joshua Tree and bushes.
  • Desert flowers blooming in bushes in front of mountains in the desert.
  • Setting sun reflecting of clouds of orange and blue behind a joshua tree.
  • Hoover Dam intake towers with water behind the dam showing that it is not full.

CMQ 1 Team

Team Leaders

Aimee Roberson, U.S. Fi\sh and Wildlife Service
Ken Nowak, Bureau of Reclamation

Steering Committee Sponsors

David Palumbo, Bureau of Reclamation
Bob Davis, U.S. Forest Service

Team Members

Abe Springer, Northern Arizona University
Andrew Hautzinger, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Barb Ray, U.S. Geological Survey
Bret Bruce, U.S. Geological Survey
Debra Hughson, National Park Service
Jeff Bennett, National Park Service
Jeff Johnson, Southern Nevada Water Authority
Jessica Fraver, Arizona Land and Water Trust
Keely Brooks, Southern Nevada Water Authority
Kelly Mott Lacroix, University of Arizona, Water Resources Research Center
Noe Santos, Bureau of Reclamation
Sharma Hammond Torrens, Arizona Land and Water Trust
Sonja Kokos, Bureau of Reclamation
Wayne Robbie, USDA Forest Service

Updated: April 2, 2014