Civil Rights Compliance Activities

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Reclamation's civil rights program seeks to provide the highest level of access and integration possible for all people in diverse programs, activities, and services offered by and through Reclamation. The Civil Rights Compliance staff, located in Denver, Colorado, are involved with:

  • Internal Employee Complaint Processing
  • ADR Coordination
  • Policy & Guidance Development
  • Affirmative Employment (MD-715)
  • Compliance Review and Evaluation
  • Technical Advice & Guidance
  • Department of the Interior (DOI), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Reporting Requirements
  • Workforce Trend Analysis
  • Consultation Services
  • Training & Education
EEO Resources
  Official Time in the EEO Process--Employee Guide(PDF 68KB)
Participating in the EEO Investigation: What You Need to Know as the Complainant (PDF 51KB)
EEO Counseling Guide: Employee Guide (PDF 32KB)
Formal Complaints: Employee Guide (PDF 20KB)
Hostile Work Environment (PDF 30KB)
Management Participation in the Formal EEO Complaint Process (PDF 32KB)
EEO Counseling: A Manager's Guide (PDF 59KB)
Reasonable Amount of Official Time: Manager's Guide (PDF 62KB)

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Last Updated: 6/11/15