Diversity Related Organizations

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Outreach to outside groups is an essential step in promoting, building and maintaining a diverse workforce. Dynamic and continuing outreach to a wide range of academic and nonacademic organizations ensure all citizens are being provided the opportunity to participate fully in a government which they support and reflects the diversity of the nation it serves.

For this reason, a short list of organizations serving a wide range of diverse groups is available through this website. These organizations can serve as contacts to diverse communities through their networks to assist Reclamation in a number of areas such in the recruitment of human capital; identification and development of training resources including but not limited to serving as educational and informational resources for special emphasis programs and serving as contacts and referrals for contracting purposes.

Regional offices are encouraged to complement this national listing with regional and local listings.

Diversity Related Organizations


African American Organizations
Asian American Organizations
Disability Advocate Organizations
Hispanic Organizations
Native American Organizations
Religious Organizations
Women's Organizations
Veterans Organizations

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Last Updated: 6/11/15