Accessibility for People with Disabilities

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Consistent with its mission of managing water and water-related resources, the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) is committed to serving diverse populations by ensuring that all facilities and areas managed by Reclamation or supported by Reclamation funding provide the highest level of accessibility to individuals with disabilities.  To comply with various legal mandates, Reclamation has developed and implemented a corporate approach to providing accessible opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 
Reclamation will systematically expand its efforts to assess all Reclamation facilities and programs to determine the degree to which they comply with the most current accessibility standards and regulations.  This effort includes evaluating existing and planned facilities, developing comprehensive action plans for eliminating barriers, developing procedures to assure compliance with Federal laws and Departmental policies, and taking action to eliminate these barriers through initiatives, such as those described below.

 Reclamation-wide Management Structure for Program Oversight, Coordination and Implementation

  • Bureau Level Accessibility Staff in the Civil Rights Office
  • Regional Accessibility Coordinators Reclamation-wide
  • Area Office Accessibility Staff in most areas


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Achievable Goals for Accessibility

  • Incorporate accessibility into all Bureau activities, programs and facilities
  • Increase management and employee awareness of people with disabilities and accessibility issues
  • Establish clear and reasonable business practices for meeting accessibility requirements
    • Goals for completion of evaluations, action plans and retrofit scheduling
    • Implementation of accountability measures for meeting responsibilities

Design Criteria and Standards to Determine Compliance

The CRD Quicklist provides many resources for individuals with disabilities, families, friends and managers. Here are additional resources:

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Last Updated: 6/10/15