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Climate Chage Adaptation Strategy

SECURE Water Act Section 9503(c) - Reclamation Climate Change and Water 2016

Report Published Identifying Climate Change Research Needs for Long-Term Water Resources Planning and Management

Change in precipitation and temperature in western United States from 1950-1979 to 2070-2099 - The following maps show the change in precipation and temperature from a 30 year period (1950-1979) to a 30 year period (2070-2099).  Read More →

Climate Change Adaptation Research - Reclamation is seeking to understand how climate change will impact western water resources. Climate change adaptation research not only improves our ability to understand and define climate change impacts on western water resources, but it also develops a portfolio of tools for adapting water management as the climate changes. Read More →

Westwide Climate Risk Assessments - The West-wide Climate Risk Assessments (WWCRA) are a complementary activity with the Basin Studies and the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives within the WaterSMART Initiative, in accordance with Secretarial Order 3289 (pdf - 83 KB), and meet the authorizations of the Secure Water Act.  As a whole, these three activities represent a comprehensive approach to incorporate the best available science into planning activities for climate change adaptation planning.

WaterSMART Basin Studies - Reclamation's has complimentary activities within the WaterSMART Basin Study Program as a comprehensive approach to incorporate the best available science into climate change adaptation planning.  These activities include the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, West-Wide Climate Risk Assessments, and Basin Studies.  Togehter these activites are in accordance with Secretarial Orders 3289 and 3297 and meet the authorizations of the SECURE Water Act.

Projected Streamflow Data - An online tool for western water managers and the public to help increase accessibility of science-based information and understanding of how climate variations will impact the availability of water to communities. Projected streamflow data for 195 sites on streams and rivers throughout the West.

Reclamation Releases Literature Synthesis on Climate Change Implications for Reclamation's Water and Environmental Resources (3rd Edition) - A scientific report summarizing recent literature on the past and projected effects of climate change on hydrology and water resources in the western United States. Read More →

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