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2012 Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Successful Applications

View Proposal Fiscal Year Project Sponsor/Project Title State Total Project Cost
View 2012 Pixley Irrigation District / Gravity Conveyance and Conservation Project CA $4,362,375.00
View 2012 Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District / Packwood Creek Water Conservation project CA $1,610,866.00
View 2012 City of Corona / City of Corona Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project CA $1,359,610.00
View 2012 Sacramento Suburban Water District / Sacramento Suburban Water District North Antelope In-Conduit Hydroelectric and Pump Back Conjunctive Use Project CA $1,286,610.00
View 2012 City of Torrance / Stormwater Basin Recharge and Enhancement CA $1,073,860.00
View 2012 Municipal Water District of Orange County / Water Efficient Site Certification and Smart Irrigation Rebate Program CA $821,809.00
View 2012 Inland Empire Utilities Agency / Regional Residential Landscape Surveys and Retrofit Program CA $566,497.00
View 2012 Natomas Central Mutual Water Company / Dodge Crossing Automation Project CA $480,300.00
View 2012 Consolidated Irrigation Company / Improve Irrigation Efficiencies and Provide Sustainability for Consolidated Irrigation ID $2,959,363.00
View 2012 Boise Project Board of Control / Boise Project Board of Control, Hydroelectric Project ID $1,736,814.00
View 2012 Boise Project Board of Control / Mora Canal Automation Enhancement Project ID $79,628.00
View 2012 Fort Shaw Irrigation District / Improving Fort Shaw Irrigation District Water Efficiency to Improve Sun River Flow MT $669,640.00
View 2012 Greenfields Irrigation District / Improving Greenfields Irrigation District Water Management to Improve Sun River Flow MT $526,395.00
View 2012 Bostwick Irrigation District / Water Conservation Piping Project NE $662,677.38
View 2012 Frenchman-Cambridge Irrigation District / Cambridge canal Automation project NE $632,016.00
View 2012 Upper Republican Natural Resources District / Republican River Basin Ground and Surface Water Protection Program NE $200,000.00
View 2012 Carlsbad Irrigation District / Improved Water Measurement and Accounting for the Carlsbad Irrigation District NM $446,338.00
View 2012 Southern Nevada Water Authority / Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program II NV $3,300,000.00
View 2012 Truckee-Carson Irrigation District / Automation of Structures on the V Line Canal NV $208,042.00
View 2012 Three Sisters Irrigation District / Watson-McKenzie Main Canal Pipeline Project OR $5,604,901.00
View 2012 North Unit Irrigation District / Lateral 58-11 Piping Project OR $1,923,447.00
View 2012 North Unit Irrigation District / Water and Energy Conservation Initiative Phase II OR $1,347,935.00
View 2012 Owyhee Irrigation District / Lower Owyhee River Rehabilitation Project Phase II OR $1,161,004.00
View 2012 Ochoco Irrigation District / Ochoco Main Canal Multi-purpose Screen and Automation OR $299,813.44
View 2012 Central Oregon Irrigation District / Malott Tail Water Recovery Project OR $257,178.00
View 2012 City of Cedar Hill / Cedar Hill Smart Meters in Action for Resources in Texas (SMART) - FG I TX $750,000.00
View 2012 Moroni Irrigation Company / Moroni Irrigation Company Improvements UT $5,500,000.00
View 2012 Huntsville irrigation District / Canal Piping Water Conservation project UT $3,744,054.00
View 2012 Weber Basin Water Conservancy District / Willard Canal Lining UT $2,080,200.00
View 2012 Moon Lake Water Users Association / Lake Fork Connector Pipeline Water Conservation Project UT $637,654.00
View 2012 Provo River Water Users Association / Weber Provo Canal Efficiency Modification Project UT $635,734.00
View 2012 Roza Irrigation District / Enclosed Conduit Project Pump 5, 6, 12 WA $1,109,008.00
View 2012 Bridger Valley Water Conservancy District / SCADA System Implementation Project WY $84,960.00