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Advanced Water Treatment Grants

Technical developments in the field of water treatment have increased the use of impaired waters that previously weren’t viable.

Advanced Water Treatment Pilot and Demonstration Grants aim to encourage pilot and demonstration projects that address technical, economic and environmental viability of treating and using brackish groundwater, seawater, impaired waters or otherwise create new water supplies within a specific locale.

The grants are made available through cost-shared funding on a competitive basis.

Reclamation Awards $2.09 Million to Study New Water Treatment Technologies - (July 25, 2011) Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Michael L. Connor has announced that four projects have been awarded $2.09 million to accelerate the adoption and use of innovative advanced water treatment technologies that increase usable water supplies. Demonstrating the feasibility of new treatment methods for impaired waters is one of the strategies of the Department of the Interior's WaterSMART Program to work toward a sustainable water future. More...

Last updated: 2/11/15

Current Status

Advanced Water Treatment Grants will not receive any funding in fiscal year 2015.

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News Releases

July 25, 2011
Reclamation Awards $2.09 Million to Study New Water Treatment Technologies